Zuper is a customer management platform and provider of an intelligent workforce that is leading innovation in the market. On 17th September, this Software as a Service (SaaS) startup raised $1.1 Million in seed funding which was led by Prime Venture Partners.


This funding included participation from Gemba Capital and Gunderson Dettemer which are post-seed funding companies leading in the market.


However, the SaaS startup, Zuper also announced their new Chief Executive Officer who is a former Microsoft product leader, Anand Subbaraj.



Since its inception in 2016, the company has supported more than 500 service businesses and thousands of users all across the globe in areas such as electricals, commercial cleaning, HVAC, Internet Services, Plumbing, providing customers with on-demand bookings and assisted companies in modernizing their operations and make big in the market.

The platform provides A1 customer services and is known to facilitate more than 3 million work orders all over the world, especially across the United States of America.


As per analytics and verified Market Research, the global door to door, home service market is expected to grow 22% from 2020 to 2026 and reach $1.13 trillion market value in USD by 2026 which is remarkable as per industry standards.

Issues in Home Service Market:

However, Zuper is not one of a kind, there are many such companies promising home services but are unable to deliver their promise to their customers because of the inconsistency in the market. Across various communication channels, such startups need to provide an informed experience to their customers and build a level of trust.

Zuper has achieved it all by its super-efficient business model.


Today, Service companies lack effective means to log employee tracking, both in terms of location and work progress. How will a manager anticipate the work of his employee when he is working in the field and not in front of his eyes. It is a genuine business problem and effective solutions are very essential to find for the company to grow and excel in this market.

The customers are changing rapidly, the technology is taking over the market and a company needs to evolve with time in order to survive and surpass the competition. Personalized services must be provided to the customers with ETA alerts in case of any possible service delays.


These are some of the issues that were very successfully covered by Zuper which allowed it to raise $1.1 Million funding.


Anand Subbaraj says Zuper was founded to embrace digital future and enable service business. They aim to provide a frictionless experience to their customers and improve the productivity, consistency and efficiency of the company for future growth.


How will the new capital be useful?

Zuper is most likely to invest this new funding in platform innovations and sales and marketing that will boost their branding to cause an aggressive growth jump in less time. They currently aim to expand their business in North America and other key locations. New talent and its growth is of much significance to the new CEO, the company will also invest and support new talent, it is hiring across all platforms in India and the US.


Prime Venture Capitals has invested in many SaaS startups including HackerEarth, MyGate and Quizizz.


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