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EDT Summit 2016 Discusses Enterprise Technology and Multi-disciplinary Implications


04 October 2016, India :

HP and The Economic Times Enterprise Digital Transformation (EDT) Summit 2016 charmed Mumbai with its exuberant list of the industry’s best speakers from various sectors talking about the role of technology in developing and identifying new business strategies to make the most of future growth.

The summit offered a diverse mix of engaging keynotes, panel discussions, where leaders of the industry and noted public figures like Karan Johar (film-maker), PP Choudhary (H’ble Minister for Information & Technology, Government of India) among others, came together to discuss the journey of digital transformation.


Ashish Kumar Chauhan (Managing Director & CEO, Bombay Stock Exchange), sharing his expertise in trading & dependence of technology & IT on their daily business kept the audience in awe of the art the BSE uses for its functioning. He divulged that BSE requires only 60 micro seconds for a trade transaction to be completed. In the coming years, Bombay Stock Exchange intends to reduce this time to nanoseconds, all with the help of enterprise technology.

Times Conferences Ltd., functional under the brand name ET Edge, is an Economic Times initiative founded to empower multiple industries and segments by sharing critical business knowledge through strategic conferences and summits. Encompassing the Indian business vista, ET Edge strives to bring together visionaries and key leaders on its knowledge platforms to create social and business ecology conducive to the positive changes required by the industry. The main aim of this initiative is to channel global business intelligence through summits and conferences in overarching lectures, hands-on workshops, panels, round-tables and case studies.


Present at the event was eminent film-maker, Karan Johar who provided insights on the role of technology in digitizing the world of cinema. He added, “I’m one of the rare few people from the current lot of filmmakers who made the shift to digital editing, along with Aditya Chopra. There’s been a sea change within the film fraternity when it comes to using technology. I actually edited all my films using literally a scissor in hand, snipping and slicing film together. Technology means you can try fade-ins and blurs and after the initial excitement died down, we understood how to make the most of the technology that was here to stay. The whole change has been completely, diametrically phenomenal.”

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