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Sterlite Power and Sharper Shape Announces Strategic Partnership



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09 August 2016, USA :

Palo Alto-based Sharper Shape and Sterlite Power today announced a strategic partnership to provide drone inspection services for utility assets in India.

“We applaud Sterlite Power for pioneering drone-based asset inspections in India,” said Tero Heinonen, CEO of Sharper Shape. “And, we look forward to working with Sterlite Power to establish a framework for drone inspections in India that will provide safe, reliable energy for consumers.”

U.S.based drone service company Sharper Shape provides fully automated inspection and maintenance planning services for infrastructure asset owners.

We are delighted to partner with Sharper Shape in bringing automated asset management to the Indian power transmission industry. Drones are transforming the way in which infrastructure is built and maintained. Sterlite Power is committed to solving the toughest challenges of energy delivery. We are proud to contribute towards India’s vision for a 24X7 power-for-all,” said Pratik Agarwal, Chief Executive Officer, Sterlite Power.

Sterlite Power Transmission Ltd. has been born out of the demerger of power business from Sterlite Technologies. Sharing a common lineage with the LSE-listed natural resources giant Vedanta, Sterlite Power is focused on the power transmission business




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