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100% Real Hair Extensions: 5 Quick Tips For Maintenance

Caring for your natural locks is one half of the formula. The other? Caring for your hair extensions. Both require different amounts and dare we say “kinds” of maintenance to-dos. As you get your hands on Kenny’s Luxury Human Hair Extensions, take note of these easy tips for attending to them and having them last as long as you reign Queen. So, forever, right? *Wink.

Real Hair Extensions Care Tips

1. Sleep For You. Not For Your Clip-In Extensions

You deserve your nightly beauty sleep. It’s the no-cost pathway towards rejuvenating your body, from your toes to the tips of your hair follicles, and readying them (and yourself) for another day of superhero work at home and in the office.

But sleep is a luxury only you should partake of. Not your clip-ins. Laying on them while you slumber will cause them to tangle badly. Even if you are able to comb through them the next morning, the parts that were interlocked will appear crumpled and shrivelled up. Hence, just remember to remove them before heading to bed.

2. Give Them Love The Way You Would Your Real Hair

And be gentle. Real hair, though they are extensions, remain delicate and in much need of your TLC. Just as you shampoo and condition your crown of shining glory, you need to shampoo and condition your extensions every now and then, too.

Be sure to purchase products meant for hair extensions. This way, said products’ formulas will have the right amount of surfactants, plant oils, mineral oils, and the like, for true cleansing and conditioning power, sans harshness.

***Sewn-in extensions are to be washed only once or twice a month. Ask your hair extension expert about no-wash, leave-in products you can apply on them instead.

3. Combing From The Bottom Up

This is a tip that experts say should be observed when combing your natural locks as well— comb from the tips and up into the roots. In this case, the part of the extensions attached to the clip. Whether you’re combing them soon after you’ve washed and conditioned them, or simply to detangle and soften them, start from the tips, the mid-section, and then the “roots”.

BUT do not comb exactly where they’re attached to the clip. Leave at least a 1-2 inch gap along that line to avoid plucking them off of the clip itself.

4. Heat Devices Are A No

As much as you love straightening and curling your hair according to your mood of the day, your hair extensions are not built for that kind of styling. Especially not with heat tools. Being that they no longer have the capability to produce sebum and natural protectants, they are more susceptible to damage when extreme heat (and too-harsh products) are used on them.

If you absolutely must style them, maybe because you’ll be on a date with your boo, are attending an important function, or simply want to look va-va-voom on a stay-home day, try to lower the heat level settings of your device. And heat protectant products are to be your clip-ins’ BFFs.

At the same time, go for texture sprays. They are an excellent no-heat styling alternative.

5. Proper Storing Like A Pro

Storing your clip-ins still requires a gentle touch. It’s quite simple, really. Either hang them in a part of your closet which you rarely utilize, or keep them in an empty shoebox (or something similar). Lastly, tie them neatly (and slightly loosely) in a ponytail to prevent tangles and snags.



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