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14 Indian startups in its first fully remote startup batch unveiled by Y combinator

India is very well-known for its startup culture. Recently, a startup accelerator Y combinator has selected 14 Indian startups in its summer 2020 batch. This will help the startups to learn and progress into the real world.

The summer 2020 batch made by Y combinator comprises of 197 startups from 26 countries. The interview of the 14 Indian startups was done remotely through video calls. From group meetings to evening talks, everything was shifted online. The startups will get the opportunity to present their products to over 2200 investors.

14 indian startups

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Though the online meeting and programs seem to be a disadvantage, according to Saurabh Nangia, chief executive of employee social network Mesh, it’s not. He said, “The remote batch and demo day brought in two big advantages. It provided more time to focus on business and traction. It also enabled a much bigger pool of venture capitalists and angel investors to attend the demo day, which wouldn’t have been possible in a physical setting,”

Some top ideas among the 14 Indian startups

There were a lot of good startup ideas in the 2020 summer batch. E-commerce delivery startup WareIQ, centralized health record system startup Farmako Healthcare, people analytics startup inFeedo, fintech startup Decentro, B2B commerce platform Bikayi, B2B payments network Cradle were all included in the summer batch 2020.

14 indian startups

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With the EV market expanding, the need for charging stations is more than ever. Statiq, an electric vehicle charging network aims to create a network of charging stations all over India. Another startup eatable is giving the option to its users to get takeaway and dine-in.

There were some other startups in the batch, too that had some unique idea. This is not the first time Y Combinator has picked so many Indian startups. In 2019 winter batch also it had selected 28 Indian startups.

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