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180 Million Players Play League Of Legends

180 Million Players Play League Of Legends

In October 2021, Riot Games announced the audience of active players in the League of Legends universe reached 180 million people — a huge number and even surpasses lifetime sales of major releases such as Grand Theft Auto V. The satirical action film Rockstars reached 150 million lifetime sales also the League monthly user base significantly outnumbers Steam monthly players which stand at 120 million.

League Of Legends

Credit @ Riot Games

Riot Games proudly announced on Twitter that League of Legends games drew a total of 180 million players during 2021 based on analytics and some charts from League of Legends. The tell how far Steam lags in Riots’ success with 120 million monthly active players. Backlinko then informs us that Epic Games, another huge gaming platform that hosts Fortnite, has a total of 52 million monthly active players. Combine Steam and Epic Games and you have a rounded figure of 170 million players, a little overstated because most users likely don’t play all five League of Legends episodes every month, so the numbers are a little understated.

While the publisher does not provide a breakdown of the numbers between the various titles, it says the figures are based on games in the League of Legends universe. Riot explained that players who log in during the month are counted as two users who log in to two games. Monthly Active Users (MAU) is defined as the number of players logged into the game and in this case the calendar month October.

The creator of League of Legends announced that his games now have over 180 million monthly active users despite our love for the League Card game. According to the official Weibo LOL, over 180 million players have recently played the game from the League of Legends universe and this number continues to grow. The announcement made by Riot Games is a reminder of how popular these games are around the world.

While Riot Games looks untouchable right now, Valve has nothing to worry about as Riot Games has a relatively limited roster that doesn’t directly compete with other games on the Steams lineup other than Dota 2.

There are many other big companies in the online card game market that are competing for players and League of Legends is currently even smaller than its competitors like MTG Arena and Hearthstone. CSGO is one of the largest first-person shooters in the world, which is played by only 26 million players per month – this is very different from when the League came to people a couple of years ago with a free-to-play charm that definitely pays off.



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