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Venture Catalysts Invests $150k in AppSay


Image- Livemint

Image- Livemint


29 July 2016, India :

Business communication platform AppSay has raised seed funding of $150,000 from Venture Catalysts in a round led by Shreyans Shah and Mayank Shah of Toyochem Laboratories.

Shreyans Shah, said: “AppSay is a highly cost-effective global product that offers brilliant solutions to businesses around the world to tackle the growing hassles associated with bulk SMS and emails. Its pull-based approach has all the necessary features that can help in protecting customer information. Supported by a strong team and veteran founders with prior experience in the telecom sector, I see great potential for AppSay in the BFSI sector, and am confident that it will transform business communications across the globe through its disruptive technology.”

AppSay is a customer engagement platform that helps protect customer information of businesses and also the privacy of users. It provides the end user with a non-intrusive way of reaching out to businesses like banks, schools, utilities, NGOs, hospitals, insurers and government departments for information, service and support.

Apoorv Ranjan Sharma, co-founder, Venture Catalysts, said: “The investment into AppSay is a measure of our faith in the operational model of the start-up as well as the vision and business acumen of the team behind it. Given how fragmented business communications and lead generation around the world is at present, we are confident that AppSay will be able to transform the sector through its tech-driven, user-centric approach.”

Vaibhav Shewale, Founder & CEO AppSay said, “The funds will not only allow us to tap into newer markets to scale up our operations and sales, but will also help in significantly enhancing and refining our offerings as we get ready for the global launch of our product.”

Venture Catalysts invests $100K – $250K in very early stage startups that has potential to create enduring value for over a long period of time.




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