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343 Industries Announces Halo Cookbook

The official Halo Twitter account sent fans into a frenzy today by announcing the release of the Halo cookbook based on the popular game series. Between the Halo TV series and the cookbook, it seems fans are struggling with new content for the latest installment of the series. While fans have been eagerly awaiting new content for Infinite, 343 Industries has announced that the cookbook will be released later this year. Some fans didn’t care that the recipe was posted before the new content for the latest installment of the series.

Halo Cookbook

Credit @ 343 Industries

The new cookbook was unveiled on April 7th and seems to have divided fans as well. The new cookbook and its contents have had jocular revelations that boil down to its stated absence from Halo Infinite. Halo is certainly not a food-centric franchise, but that hasn’t stopped it from announcing its own cookbook. While it could be argued that Halo has a food tradition, many other video games have published cookbooks as well. Whenever a game developer or publisher announces the release of a cookbook, it is usually because the particular game has a deep and rich world where players can taste the best dishes.

Official cookbooks for other popular games have been released in the past, including Saucepan And the Note and watch. Instead, some fans have disputed that a cookbook based on the game series doesn’t make much sense as it has absolutely no focus on food. Other members said that the cookbook had nothing to do with the development of Halo, causing some Halo fans to turn their backs. It’s no secret that Halo’s fan base is understandably frustrated by the lack of success of the live service and significant post-launch game updates.

Over the past few months, Halo Infinite has received a lot of criticism from the community due to the lack of content and the fact that 343 Industries doesn’t quite listen to community feedback on some of the most common shooter issues. The developers have yet to touch their latest version since the release of Infinite, it looks like they are on vacation after years of preparation for release. The pros at Halo thought they were going to hit the jackpot with the release of Infinite since their latest version promised so much preparation and delays.

Luckily for fans, it looks like Halo Infinite has a lot in store for them over the next few weeks, with a battle royale-like game mode coming soon. In addition to the video game, the official Halo Infinite cookbook will be released in August.



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