5 Factors That Make eBooks An Excellent Marketing Tool

In search of concocting the perfect marketing mix, marketers mix up several different elements. They use social media platforms, devise email marketing strategies, create blogs, and use many other similar tactics to attract customers. One such marketing tool is the creation of eBooks. Even though eBooks are not so the ‘obvious’ choice for practical marketing tools, we believe they can add immense value to your marketing campaign. If you think creating an eBook would be tough, you can make use of these popular eBook creator software that can get your job done rather quickly.

Businesses tend to neglect eBooks as a marketing tool. Creating quality eBooks is a lengthy process, which is often why many companies throw the idea in the bin. They are skeptical over the benefits eBooks can generate in the long-run. However, it is quite the contrary. EBooks possess great potential to assist businesses in creating engagement and generating leads. If steered in the right direction, they can create a positive brand image and build your credibility in a particular industry. Moreover, if you offer specialized content, you can even charge money for it and create an alternate revenue stream for your business.

If you are still not convinced, we have five factors why we believe eBooks are an excellent marketing tool for your business. 

  • They offer a unique medium for promotion:

Most businesses believe that creating an eBook is a boring way to grasp the target audience’s attention. And they are somewhat correct. The attention span of people today is minuscule, which is why businesses must create eye-catching content. Also, one cannot ignore the fact that very few people prefer reading today. But, that said, it is still not a very strong reason to discredit the marketing potential of eBooks.

Nobody dislikes quality content. If you offer exclusive and specialized information, they will have the right inducement to go through your eBook. One way to entice such readers is to choose an eBook template that does not look like a boring book. Add compelling images and features, along with high-quality information and design elements to attract an audience. This way, even people who are not keen readers would still love going through exciting content.

Moreover, even today, a consumer group prefers to read quality material even if it looks lengthy or tedious. Offering eBooks on online reading platforms, whether paid or free, allows you to cater to a new target market. Currently, you may post on blogs or have an email marketing strategy. Even though you may target a substantial number of people through these tactics, you may fail to tap into another audience pool. Expanding your horizon and looking for a diverse audience interested in your work can increase your online visibility and customer base.

  • They are great for generating leads:

Most digital marketing tactics, such as SEO, revolve around generating web traffic. But once your consumers land on your page, what do you do next? Unless they are entirely convinced, which most will not be at first, they will look around your website and leave. Now how do you retain these potential customers? The ones who have an urge to buy from you or subscribe to your service, but are not immediately convinced. You generate leads with the help of a lead magnet!

Lead magnets are a way of requesting your consumers to give you their details and email addresses. But why do they give you their details? You offer them something in return. It can be a discount shown at checkout, a free voucher, or an eBook! You can later use this list of information to develop a relationship through email marketing. And most probably convince them to purchase your product or service. 

EBooks can help you in lead generation. If you create a one-of-a-kind eBook with content that customers will not find anywhere on the internet, they will surely take up the offer. And consequently, you have yourself a list of leads to work on!

  • They allow you to go into detail:

EBooks are generally lengthy. You pick a topic and then research extensively over it to eventually write an eBook. Therefore, they allow you to be more explanatory when expressing your ideas.  On the other hand, blog posts are smaller, usually around 500 – 1500 words, and give you less space to describe your thoughts. People will read blog posts while on the go but will take out time to read an eBook. This adds to their exclusivity. Creating articles or blogs is generally more straightforward than writing a 10,000+ word eBook on a given topic. 

Moreover, you can also use this eBook as a link in your blog posts when discussing a particular idea. For example, consider you wrote an eBook about healthy eating. Now, whenever you discuss healthy eating on your blog, you can link it back to your eBook for website visitors to read and acquire meaningful information. It provides your users with a well-rounded experience and also adds authority to your blog and website, which brings us to the next benefit.

  • They vouch for your credibility:

When you write on a specialized topic with a considerable amount of research to back your writing, you exude credibility and trustworthiness. Writing an eBook requires top-notch content. You cannot merely write ‘whatever’ and expect your eBook to be a raging success. It has to be accurate, high-class, and engaging. Only when you produce such content will readers like your eBook. And when you give out quality information that impresses website visitors, you instantly boost your brand image online.

Moreover, creating eBooks that readers like or appreciate will also give you a better shot at improving search engine rankings. Search engines rely heavily on your information’s credibility when they evaluate your content. Digital content and webpages that are reliable sources of information get ranked higher on SERPs. Creating credible eBooks increases your online trustworthiness and authority. This, in turn, increases website visits and search engine rankings.

  • You already have much of the information:

If we tell you that you can repurpose your existing content and generate more business, you will be surprised. However, it is simple! For example, consider you already run a blog related to home décor. In that case, writing an eBook about home décor will not be challenging because you already have so much content that can be rewritten into one. Revamping your blog content and presenting it in a more detailed manner is all you need to create an eBook! 


There are numerous marketing tools that marketers use to create promotional campaigns to attract and convince potential customers. One such marketing tactic is writing eBooks that offer the reader more holistic information about a topic or product. EBooks don’t have to be boring. The can be compelling, engaging, and highly informative. More importantly, they offer businesses a unique opportunity to increase their online authority, visibility profitability in the long run. A fabulous return on such a small investment of resources, we say!