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5 Pro Tips for Naming your Startup and have a Killer Launch!


Finding the perfect name for your startup can significantly affect your success. The wrong name can do more harm than neglect to associate with clients; it can likewise result in impossible business and legal obstacles. Interestingly, an unmistakable, ground-breaking name can be incredibly useful in your showcasing and marking endeavors.

Here are 10 Pro Tips from KillerLaunch.com on how to choose a killer domain name for your next big startup:

1. Go with a dot com

A dot com domain might be expensive than the new TLDs, but when you talk to people, the “.com” effect has a much higher impact on people’s psychology. For example, in 2013 housin.com spent near about $1 million to buy a new domain name “housing.com” The expense might look huge at first glance, but it has a substantial long-term impact on business success.

2. Keep it Short

A shorter domain name is not only easy to remember, secure to type, and easy to spell but also easy to rank on search engines. Top brands prefer short and crisp domain names like apple.com or fb.com.

KillerLaunch has a good collection of 4 letter and 5 letter domain names.

3. If not a Dictionary word, choose a Catchy Name

Sometimes it is impossible to get generic domain names like shoes.com or food.com. Alternatively, selecting a Catchy domain can lead to your success, for example, Zomato.com (from Tomato) or Zillow.com (from Pillow) are catchy invented names. You can check out more catchy domain names on KillerLaunch.

4. Conduct a trademark search

Doing a trademark search is essential depending on the country you are planning to launch your business in. Thinking about trademark in advance is an important aspect.

5. Make sure you are happy with the name

After all, it is essential that you are satisfied with the name you choose and believe that it will resonate with your customers. Take the time and choose the right name.



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