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Is your IT company running short of work? Meet new clients on Applancer.

App lancer

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The IT industry has been in a boom from the past decade, however, according to a survey conducted in November 2018, more than 1.9 million companies are registered in India, a country which over the years has developed as an IT hub.   Due to the surge in the number of companies, the competition in the industry has increased massively and as such many companies find it very difficult to meet new clients. Despite the fact that these companies have great potential and talent, many of these IT companies are running on losses, continuously trying to increase their presence on the web in order to get new projects. A new Indian startup called Applancer.com has come in to solve this issue by acting as an intermediary between companies and clients. Being an Indian startup, Applancer is quite aware of the issues that the companies face during the course of their business and as such, the platform is designed to completely cater all their needs and help them in finding clients from around the world. Given Appliancer’s worldwide presence, IT firms all over the world are using the platform to increase their reach and customer base like Sphere IT an IT support company in London.


What is Applancer?

Applancer is a global platform designed to allow potential clients to post their projects that the companies can then bid to complete. Using Applancer is as easy as making a new email address. Being a company, you just need to register on the platform using your email address and adding your company name and address. In just a few minutes, you have your own dashboard and profile on the platform that allows you to add your portfolio and skills in order to attract new clients into considering you. You can even add your previous work reviews by adding the client details. Once you have completed your profile, you can make proposals to hundreds of projects that are already listed on the platform and the best part is that creating an account is free of cost.

Apart from the App Development, Web Development which includes languages such as PHP, WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Shopify, Wix & Nodejs, Designing which includes PSD, Sketch, UI, UX, Logos, App Wireframing &  Character sketching, Digital Marketing which includes App Marketing, Advertising, PPC Management, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Branding, Email Marketing, Market Research &  Data Analytics and SEO companies, as Applancer is aware of the fact that technology changes daily, the platform also lets you display your company in latest technological fields such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Machine Learning, Internet of Things and IT consultancy.

Being a company, you can choose any amount of skills that you are expert in, add details such as company overview, address, phone number, team members, reviews, average budget, and hourly rate. The platform lets the clients post their projects and choose from a number of proposals that they receive on the same, it also allows the clients to contact you directly through the directory which also displays your contact details straightaway to the client.

You can increase your presence on the platform by adding as many details as possible in your profile. Adding more portfolios and reviews also helps you to attract more users towards your company. Apart from this, Applancer also has sponsorship plans that help you to boost your presence on the platform.

How to Join Applancer?

Joining Applancer is quite simple and free of cost. Being a company, you just to register on the platform by adding your email address and company details. Once approved, you can start making proposals on the projects that are listed on the platform and meet new clients daily.



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