5 Ways AI Can Change Online Gambling Forever 

Our relationship with AI (Artificial Intelligence) is expected to change in the next decade or so. Nearly every industry is trying to leverage AI to mainstream efficiency in their various sectors of operation.

The online gambling industry is no exception. With the increasing popularity of online gambling, it is no doubt that the introduction of AI will go a long way in improving user experience.

Here are ways AI can revolutionize the online gambling sector in the near future.

Smart Data Analysis

Online casinos often collect data that they use to analyze customer behavior. The same way land-based casinos layouts have been thoroughly studied and altered to retain customers, internet casinos will be using this technology to anticipate the needs of their players and determine what drives them to play, change games, or quit.

Gambling companies use this data for various purposes. Some want to know what features make certain games more appealing to players than others, whereas others may only be looking to boost their profits.

However, figuring out how to use this data is something that still has to be explored. But for those who are skilled in analytics, there are many opportunities in the industry.

Better Computer Competition

You have probably heard tales of computers beating humans at games like League of Legends, Chess, and Go. It wasn’t long before someone taught a computer how to play poker and play it well.

In 2017, a poker competition named Brain vs. Artificial Intelligence: Upping Ante took place in Pittsburgh. The tournament pitted four pro poker players against a Carnegie-Mellon Hold’ em-playing computer called Libratus.

Libratus had a high stack with about $1,766,250 in chips after 120,000 hands. This led to the conclusion that the ability of AI to reason strategically with inadequate information has surpassed that of human pros.

Although no one plays real money poker against the poker-playing computer, this example of how artificial intelligence takes into account mathematical probabilities and the behavior of the opponent could give the house a bigger edge in some online table games.

If only this technology could be utilized to produce betting lines that can deliver 50/50 action on both sides of the line, it is likely to change the online gambling landscape forever.

Improved Customer Service

Most of us are familiar with the frustration that comes with having to deal with a customer support representative that is not a real human. Fortunately, AI has come in to take the place of those useless bots.

Bots that can learn and analyze customer’s playing habits are now replacing them slowly. As such, precise and more personalized answers can be delivered quickly. If a customer has to deal with a real human, the bots will ensure the ticket is forwarded to the most qualified agent.

A study by Oracle has indicated that 78% of brands have already implemented or are looking to implement AI and virtual reality in their operations by 2020 to improve customer service.

Detect and Prevent Gambling Problem

Artificial Intelligence can be used to do so much more other than boosting casinos’ profits. AI can be used to detect signs of a gambling problem, according to an online gambling company called Kindred Group.

Together with gambling analytics company BetBuddy and City University of London, Kindred Group has come up with a product of their partnership called PS-ED (Player Safety Early Detection System)

This technology is designed to collect information about the amount of time a player spends playing, how much they deposit, when they deposit, when and how much they wager, and what games they bet on. PS-EDS takes this data and analyses it to detect gambling problem before it becomes a serious problem.

With all these factors taken into account, the inventors claim it is able to detect gambling problems with an 87% accuracy. It is also said the technology will offer tools like automatic timeouts and loss-limits.

Prevents Cheaters

Although there have been cases of people creating machines that are able to cheat slot machines, Artificial Intelligence, and deep learning has revisited the issue for internet casinos.

However, some are concerned that these machines would eventually outsmart humans and play perfectly for games that don’t have a house edge. The solution could be a casino-commissioned piece of Artificial Intelligence that can detect AI bots or an advanced CAPTCHA system. But with all said, AI has so much to offer for online casinos that want players to do whatever they want to provided they don’t take away their long term edge.