50 Quotes from Masayoshi Son on How to Build a Successful Business

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Meet the richest person in Japan with a net worth of $25.2B, the CEO of the SoftBank company, Masayoshi Son.

He is also featured in the Forbes lists of:

9th August is Mr. Son’s birthday and we have collected the top 50 inspiring quotes by him on how to build a successful business and lead a meaningful life. Creating his first million dollars through his patented pocket translator and that too only when he was studying at the Berkley University was in itself a huge feat. But, Mr.Son didn’t just stop there, he went on to become the richest Japanese.

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This Collection of His Words of Wisdom is our tribute to this Japanese tech genius, Mr. Son.

  1.  “As a student, I had a hobby of inventing new ideas for products. For me, thinking of new businesses is like inventing new products.”

  2. “Entrepreneurship, you will only understand it if you experience it for yourself. It’s not something I can explain in words.”

  3. “Have passion, have a dream for your own life. Life is only one time.”

  4. “Think about your dream and have a stronger passion than anybody else. Then you will succeed in any dream that you have.”

  5. “When you hit an obstacle, do not mourn it. Because it provides growth opportunities.”

  6. “Think big; think disruptive. Execute with full passion.”

  7. “My belief is that we should never become overconfident.”

  8. “My passion never fades out.”

  9. “I believe this artificial intelligence is going to be our partner. If we misuse it, it will be a risk. If we use it right, it can be our partner.”
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10. “Our aim is to develop affectionate robots that can make people smile.”

11. “Wisdom and knowledge are the most valuable things in the body.”

12. “As long as you continue to challenge, there is no limit.”

13. “My limitation is what my mind-giving mind decides. Unless you give up, there are no limits.”

14. “It’s a long journey. There will be good times, and there will be bad times, but SoftBank is always there.”

15. “Mankind had the agricultural revolution, the industrial revolution, and now this third one, the information revolution.”

16. “There are luck and bad luck in life. Do not rely on luck. Do not make excuses for bad luck.”

17. “Whenever there is a big difficulty, I don’t make excuses. Instead, I say I will solve it even if everybody leaves.”

18. “My philosophy is that the digital revolution will make mankind happier and more productive, and that won’t change over the next 300 years. If you don’t stick to that original philosophy, even perfect control of a bunch of companies isn’t going to do you any good.”

19. “In tennis, you strike a ball just after the rebound for the fastest return. It’s the same with investment.”

20. “Money is available from investors as long as you have a great business model and a talented leader.”

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21. “Difficulty comes not only because of your mistakes, but once you try to make an excuse or accuse someone else, your mind stops thinking.”

22. “It struck me deep in my mind. Someday, the chip is going to surpass mankind’s brain.”

23. “Robots have already surpassed human beings in calculation and memory, but I have no doubt that the time will come when they will surpass in wisdom as well.”

24. “The best opportunity for return on investment is in the information revolution.”

25. “While I was at Berkeley, I had 250 inventions that I wrote down in my ‘Invention Idea Notes.’ Then I picked one to develop a prototype and apply for a patent.”

26. “I made close to $1 million by selling the patent to Sharp.”

27. “Internet as a service is like a culture that you have to understand, and each country has a local culture.”

28. “We feel a brand should be free.”

29. “I think in terms of 20-year horizons.”

30. “I am not trying to chase what other people are doing.”

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31. “When employees just handle daily routines within their abilities, they are doing nothing more than a simple task. But putting workers in a totally unfamiliar environment, giving them a mission, and asking them to use absolutely any means necessary to bring their company to a new level of growth — this can really challenge and inspire them.”

32. “I have no intention of making small bets.”

33. “There will come a time when the human race and super intelligence will coexist to create a richer and happier life.”

34. “There will come an age when our average life expectancy will reach 200 years.”

35. “Most of the time, when I make a big move, people say I am out of my mind. But I don’t think about how I can add to what I have today.”

36. “Companies must have much longer life cycles than people. I want to build a company that will continue to grow for at least 300 years.”

37. “The most effective means of solving problems when solving problems is to continue thinking deeply until a solution is made.”

38. “Once you get a sense of accomplishment, growth stops at that point.”

39. “When pushing towards something, the wind will generally face the headwind. There is no need to mourn that wind. Just simply proceed with double power.”

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40. “While recognizing your own weaknesses, make the most of your strengths. I think this is the secret of success.”

41. “I always have a big idea. It pops up every two to three years.”

42. “The year 2000, I was the richest for three days. So I know up and down.”

43. “We have lots of ideas, lots of dreams.”

44. “People can enjoy life when they continue to challenge their dreams.”

45. “My style is to have a big vision, a big commitment.”

46. “I had a dream of becoming a businessman, becoming an entrepreneur.”

47. “I believed that someday I would have a very big company, a global business, and a very successful company.”

48. “I am the man who keeps his words.”

49. “You just need to come up with great ideas with passion, with a business plan and the money will chase you.”

50. “I want to be number one.”

In 2000, Mr. Son was the richest person for 3 days.
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We once again wish this inspiring legend a very happy birthday. So, keep growing and as Masayoshi says, “Do not give up. At that point, growth stops.”

That was our list of the top 50 quotes from Masayoshi Son. Which is your favorite? Tell us in the comment box.