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6 tips to create an effective SMS campaign

With the advancement in science and technology e-businesses are getting popular day by day, mobile phones are one of the most influential technology. Mobile phones are not only designed to make calls only, but it also helps in taking photos, stores a large amount of data and you can share a lot of information with your friends and family.

Mobile phones give an incredible option of SMS which has a great influence on marketing. SMS is one of the effective ways to promote e-businesses. It is the most powerful way to yield more clicks and get more responses from people. Statistical analysis has shown 98 percent of people are more likely to open an SMS instead of emails. Another, great problem that has been solved with SMS is that many people do not have smartphones, but every mobile phone has an SMS option which allows a lot of audience to target. There are many SMS marketing software that enables brands to do their marketing campaigns. 

It has been found through research, to make an effective marketing campaign, you always have to make a great strategy. Follow these tips and do an SMS market campaign successfully.        

Here, in this article, you will get 6 amazing SMS marketing tips to engage customers. 

Aware your customers with your best offers:

Whenever you decide to offer a sale on certain products, always make sure to let your customers known by it. Make a short attractive SMS for your customers which makes them aware of your offer, you can also add the prices of products to attract customers more. Always add a link to your website which takes the customers directly to your page. you should not forget your customers, alert them with SMS series and make them aware. 

Stay in touch with your customers: 

You can send text message reminders to your customers. This way you will witness more response rate on your website. If you are a lawyer, doctor, and restaurant owner, you can send an SMS of appointment in which your customer is supposed to reply their availability. 

For example:

Hey! You have an appointment at 4:30 on Tuesday, 18 July. Glad to see you here! “Clinic name” Reply with 3 to confirm your availability. 

If the customer replies to you with “3” and confirms their availability, this way you can add them to your list, and if do not reply to you back you will understand too that they are not coming, etc. 

Segmented campaigns:

You need to understand your customer’s choice, many times your customers are interested in specific products. If you understand this difference, you will easily target your customers. The segment feature allows you to filter contacts by specific criteria. Once you understand your target audience then you need to send them only.

For example, You are selling all kinds of speakers, from home theatre to portable ones, you are selling every type of them. So while sending a text to the audience, you can ask the customer if they are interested in they can subscribe and if they are not interested then they can write “STOP”. This way you will filter the audience, so if the customer has subscribed and is interested in you can send them more offers and information. 


Set an auto-responder feature:

This feature will help you a lot in marketing, if the customer has subscribed to your page, this auto-responder will send a series of texts to them. another, great strategy to engage the audience is to send them more relevant information, so this way they will immediately look at your site and may likely buy something. 

For example:

If you have a company of spices, you can send a relevant recipe to your customers using your spice. This way whenever they look at the recipe and encounter the cooking your recipe, they will more likely to incline to buy your spice. 

Set the right frequency of SMS:

It is very important to set the right frequency of your SMS. If you too often send the SMS to your customers, your customers may get annoyed and often unsubscribe from your service. Similarly, if you put a lot of gap in sending an SMS to your customers, they might be forgetting why they subscribed. So it is mandatory for you, to set the frequency based on audience. 

Be concise, and easy to read:

Always make sure to use layman language which is easy to read and understand. Do not use the flowery language in your texts which are unable to understand. Try to use simple language in your texts, which is too focused and concise. Get to the point straight away, which is too clear for the target audience. An effective SMS can consist of 160 characters. 



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