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7 Communication Tools To Power Your Tech Startup

Developing your tech start-up is not easy, and to build a successful and well-established one you need to adopt the right tools to enhance productivity. One of the most significant tools that you need to prioritize is communication tools. To improve the quality of culture in the workplace, proper communication tools that are customizable to the needs of everyone should be in place.

An effective communication system will enable tech startups to get the information to the right personnel at the right time, thereby enhancing workflow management. Startups that operate remotely can bridge the gap and establish a quality level of interconnectivity and flexibility through appropriate communication tools.

However, getting the right tools to power your tech startup begins with familiarizing yourself with these tools. This article contains a list of the best communication tools that can power your tech startup:

1. Internet Faxing

Internet fax is the modern way of faxing nowadays. It has replaced the traditional faxing method and has proven more effective and reliable. With internet faxing, tech startups can submit and receive fax documents through the internet. You only need an online portal that your digital devices can access, just download the app, then subscribe to an online faxing service provider and you’re good to go. Unlike the fax machine, which is immobile, internet faxing can be done anywhere, anytime through your mobile gadgets. The flexibility and reliability that internet faxing offers contributes to the efficient productivity of your tech start-up.

2. Chatbots

Chatbots are computer programs that simulate conversations with human users through the internet. They’re usually virtual and can communicate with people through texts and instant messaging platforms. As a startup, chatbots can help you automate your communication and provide valuable responses to your customers. By doing so, you can respond to customers’ questions and complaints without the long queue. That being said, you can now offer 24/7 customer service with chatbots that are customized to answer every query. 

Plus, the fact that it’s simple to adopt in various platforms and integrate them in your existing online infrastructure.

3. Chat Apps

By utilizing chat applications, you’re giving your clients a stress-free option to reach your business for their concerns. Additionally, managers can use chat apps to have real-time conversations with their staff to help achieve good work collaboration. These chat applications also allow team members to share files, documents, video, and audio files within themselves efficiently. The quick and effective dissemination of information that this application facilitates, helps employees increase productivity, thus making more available time to do other tasks. 

4. Video Conferencing

A startup can benefit from video conferencing in diverse ways. It can be used to engage remote workers, interview job candidates, manage suppliers, and collaborate with various departments in the organization. Video conferencing provides a fast, secured, and cost-effective way to communicate with your teams. The advantage of video conferencing is the ability to facilitate all these benefits without requiring travel for face-to-face communication with clients and suppliers.

5. Email Communication

Apart from the fact that it’s free for everyone to sign up, emails are easier to organize. At the click of the mouse, you can get your email across any part of the world as long as the receiver has an internet-connected device. Your email can also help you store messages and essential data for reference and reliability purposes.  Email is a global platform, so there is no restriction to its reach, messages can be received and sent to your clients regardless of the location across the world. 

Global corporation online videoconference in meeting room with diverse people sitting in modern office and multicultural multiethnic colleagues on big screen monitor. Business technologies concept.

6. Task Management

Task management tools enable your business to achieve an increased level of productivity and gain a competitive edge in your industry by assisting you to meet your project deadlines and maintain the efficiency of your workforce. When it comes to managing projects, task management tools promote collaboration among team members to get the project executed smoothly and delivered on time.  

7. Instant Messaging

Instant messaging apps will help your team communicate better and strengthen your brand’s relationship with your clients. These apps allow you to have accessible communication with your clients wherever they are in the world. You can reach out to them privately and receive timely responses without worrying about costs. 

Luckily, even the most technologically apprehensive employee should have no issues in both setting up and using instant messaging functions, because it’s user friendly. 


Communication does not have to become a tedious and time-consuming process for your tech startup. With the tools listed above, tech startups can establish effective communication processes between team members and customers, increasing productivity and continuous growth.




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