8 jobs that will become obsolete due to ChatGPT

From stories of emotionally capable robots in Star Wars in 1977 to the development of AI-based chatbot ChatGPT in 2022, the field of artificial intelligence has seen unimaginable development in the past few decades. Several activities which were deemed as “possible to humans only” are now easily done by AI systems within a few seconds.

With multinational tech corporations pumping billions of dollars into the research and development of artificial intelligence, the field is witnessing large-scale competition and progress. As artificial intelligence systems got renowned and famous around the world, questions regarding the job security of humans are getting more and more important.

OpenAI, an American company researching and developing AI systems 2022 launched an AI system named ChatGPT. ChatGPT became an instant hit among internet users as it can do any task such as coding, writing an essay/article, answering any questions, preparing you for an interview, etc.

Now the netizens are discussing what could be the after-effects of ChatGPT on the labor sector and jobs. Which all jobs could be taken over by the AI chatbot? How many people will become jobless?

This article analyses the Jobs that will become obsolete due to ChatGPT –

1 – Copywriting 

In companies, copywriters are usually part of the marketing department. They come up with texts for marketing campaigns, advertisements, and social media. There is no doubt that ChatGPT will change this job area completely as the AI chatbot can give you captions, paragraphs, campaign punchlines or anything you ask for in the way you want it.

Multinational business houses employ a large numbers of copywriters these days to produce quality marketing content and strategies. If employers are convinced that AI systems such as ChatGPT can execute those duties for a lesser cost, there are chances that copywriting as a job will get extinct.

2 – Programming 

Programming is one of the most common and often lucrative career paths in the world. Millions of people are employed as programmers in various tech companies. They execute various duties such as writing codes, maintaining programs, developing software, etc.

Mind-boggling fact is that ChatGPT can also write complex codes, debug codes, and many more such activities. Even though the programmers who are currently working in tech are safe from a complete AI takeover, many people believe that systems will soon take up many job areas within programming.

3 – Content Writing 

Content writing is an area that needs the participation of emotions, knowledge, and originality. With the advent of ChatGPT, people who are working in this section are highly concerned about the safety of their jobs.

In various instances, ChatGPT has proved that it can generate captions, stories, scripts, and much such writing contents without spending too much time. Even though there are issues relating to originality in the content generated by the AI chatbot, the sector as a job provider is going to have negative impacts.

4 – Journalism

Journalism is considered a job that required large human resources. From reporters to editors, the whole process requires big manpower. With a large amount of factual information and additional information fed in by a human, ChatGPT has portrayed its ability to come up with editorials and news articles.

Even though the current quality of the write-ups is questionable, there are high chance that AI systems will constantly upgrade themselves. This poses a threat to various entry-level jobs at news organizations.

5 – Lawyers

In the field of law, entry-level jobs related to studying cases, making case reports, studying past cases, referencing, etc. are at high risk due to ChatGPT and similar AI systems. Once the AI has access to past cases and information, it can generate reports and files which are useful for presenting cases.

6 – Doctors

It is said that AI systems such as ChatGPT can come up with a proper diagnosis of a patient if it has access to patient’s history and current symptoms. As these systems have access to all factual information related to medical science, they can relate the symptoms with medical information and come up with a diagnosis.

Robotics has already proved to be highly efficient in complicated surgeries and treatment protocols.

7 – Website designers 

Internet boom around the world put website designers in the spotlight as everyone company or individual wanted to have a website of their own. A large number of people are currently employed as website designers.

With ChatGPT anyone can come up with a website design or any IT component of their own according to their wishes. You just need to type in your requirements and parameters and the AI system can instantly generate codes for the same.

8- Data Analyst 

Companies employ data analysts to analyze business / nonbusiness data and to write conclusions from the analysis. This job is at high risk as ChatGPT can conduct a wide variety of analyses in various formats using the data available online. The ability of AI systems to generate reports based on the analysis also makes it highly cost-effective when compared to employing human resources.