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8 Most Effective AI Applications in Business

Artificial Intelligence in Business

Artificial intelligence (AI) is an innovative technology that’s been rapidly developing in the last few years. It offers numerous high-tech solutions to businesses operating in different industries. 

In this article you will find out how companies from various fields take advantage of AI algorithms. Maybe your company could benefit from data science consulting too?

Most Effective AI Applications in Business

Let’s take a look at various AI applications that are proven to boost the development efficiency of companies operating in different industries.

1. Healthcare 

The healthcare sector is one of the industries that can benefit most from AI solutions. 

The most promising innovations include:

  • virtual assistants,
  • robot-assisted surgeries,
  • accurate and fast diagnoses,
  • drug development,
  • preventing cyber criminal attacks.

All of the above-mentioned AI applications contribute to reducing the number of unnecessary hospital visits, waiting times for an appointment, and reducing the number of patients receiving misdiagnosis.

With the introduction of AI solutions in healthcare around the world, treatment costs will drop significantly, enabling the less well-off to get the right help on time.

2. Marketing

Artificial intelligence tools can be of great help in creating effective marketing strategies, as well as their subsequent implementation.

Other popular AI applications include:

  • targeted ads,
  • customer segmentation,
  • recommendation engines,
  • chatbots.

Perhaps the most important AI solution for marketing is analyzing consumer behavior data. Both historical and real-time data allow marketers to tailor their marketing strategies and offer unique campaigns that encourage potential customers to buy or choose a specific service.

3. Customer Churn Modeling

Customer churn is a common problem for most organizations. Some customers simply stop using the company’s services, often for no good reason. Entrepreneurs are working hard to prevent this from happening.

Customer churn modeling offers a solution. Based on machine learning technology, such models are able to identify customers who are most likely to stop using your products / services before they do.

Thanks to this knowledge, companies can react quickly and convince these customers to continue cooperation. One popular technique is to offer a promotional price.

4. Sales

Whie there is no software that can persuade customers as well as a talented salesman, artificial intelligence can assist professionals with useful data analysis. AI tools can provide accurate predictions, analyze customer behavior, and forecast their needs, as well as improve communication with clients. 

Moreover, AI programs can help with efficient time management. The AI-driven program will help your sales team identify customers ready to convert, as well as remind them to follow-up potential clients most likely to buy your product.

5. Finance

The financial industry relies on processing huge amounts of quantitative data and reporting in real time to make the best decisions. Accuracy and timing are key factors.

Artificial Intelligence is an excellent technology that can completely revolutionize the financial sector. AI tools can make most internal processes more efficient while maintaining great results.

AI-driven programs can also increase customer satisfaction with chatbots and robotic advisers. Customers can request help anytime, anywhere and get an immediate response that meets their needs.

Specially designed algorithms can closely observe the market and predict future changes. The forecasts turned out to be even more accurate than the experts’ forecasts. This is a great support for both the company and its customers, as it saves them time and money.

6. Trend Prediction

Artificial Intelligence is second to none when it comes to predicting and analyzing trends. AI algorithms process huge amounts of data and use them to generate forecasts and offer optimal solutions that are highly beneficial for the company.

The gained insights enable business leaders to make effective decisions and create an successful strategy for the future. Therefore, AI technology is widely used in marketing, sales, finance, risk management, etc.

7. Research and Development

Artificial intelligence develops various industries, including financial, health, manufacturing, marketing and automotive. Artificial Intelligence has the unique ability to analyze huge amounts of data, learn from it and use the insights gained to find effective solutions.

Therefore, in recent years, artificial intelligence has been of great importance in research and development. By automating repetitive and time-consuming tasks, professionals have more time to work on creative challenges.

In addition, artificial intelligence algorithms can find new, undiscovered solutions to improve services, product development and work on innovation. Research and development has never been as efficient and effective as it is now with the help of AI tools.

8. Robotics

Artificial intelligence technology is essential in a rapidly developing field – robotics. These machines are programmed to perform specific tasks while maintaining or exceeding the quality of human work.

Artificial intelligence is used to mimic human intelligence in robots. It allows them to “think” similar to us, solve more complex problems, replace workers on assembly lines, in schools and more.

Robotics is a growing industry that will make our lives easier thanks to AI algorithms.

To Wrap It All Up

Artificial intelligence technology will affect most companies in the coming years. 

For those who are brave enough to invest in it, artificial intelligence will open their business to new opportunities. Companies that hesitate for too long will soon be overcome by competition.

“It no longer requires a multi-million dollar budget to get AI going in your company. It represents an opportunity to level the playing field for smaller companies.”

– Nichole Jordan, managing partner, Grant Thornton LLP



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