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9 Amazing Things You Can Perform With Your Car Smartphone App

Have you ever used a car smartphone app to maximize your car efficiency and get a better experience?

Car Smartphone App


The past centuries have seen an explosion in the technology market and large scale adoption of smartphones followed, including other amazing products and features.

In order to keep up with the tech boom from the last years, the auto industry came on the market with more electrical and smart cars. Paired with this amazing innovation they offer us an app that allows us to explore the full potential of our cars and shrinks the gap between old-style machines and the new high-tech ones. 


  • Remote Engine Start/Stop


The option of starting your engine remotely can be time-saving. Your smartphone car app should offer the option to regulate the inter temperature in your vehicle after it has its engine started. Besides, some cars with multiple climate controls allow you to roll down the windows and turn on the defrost. This can be especially helpful, time-saving, and pleasant when you are in a rush.


  • Tracking and location your car


Your car smartphone app gives you the possibility to find out where your car is and what is happening with it. You can track her location, speed, and even more. You can even set a specific location or speed alerts. You don’t need to worry when you give your car keys to a valet or you borrow them from one of your friends or relatives. You can even find out if someone steals your car.


  • Require roadside assistance


For the bad moments when you get stranded on the side of the road because your car broke down and you need help, just tap your phone to use roadside assistance app such as TheAA to get associated with a close-by towing service provider accessible across the country. You can download the app to report a breakdown and get back on your way as soon as possible.


  • Park or summon your car


Some cars have the option of automatically parking by them self or coming to you on the touch of the button. The most known ones are the cars made by Tesla which allow you to move them via their smartphone app. You can even remotely drive their cars, although in a limited way, with only your phone.


  • View Service Diagnostics


Your app should be able to display information varying from your gas level, interior temperature to tire pressure, and more. Only by a glance at your phone, you can see what your car needs and you can forget about forgetting the small things that can trouble your rides.


  • Send information regarding your destinations or trips


Most apps provide the possibility to upload direction and routes on your vehicle GPS with one touch of the screen. You simply select the address and send the information to your car from any of your devices and you can start driving to your destination.


  • Remotely open/close your car’s doors/trunk


When you are in a hurry and just want to jump in your car your car smartphone app comes to rescue. After a simple touch in the app, your car is accessible. No need to worry about how you unlock your car when your hands are full. Granted, some apps may require some type of security passes like a long press, password, or pin to perform this action.


  • Report your car stolen


Almost all car apps give you the option to report your vehicle as being stolen. This can be incredibly useful in situations where quick action is needed or when you need to contact the police in another form.


  • Control car Wifi hotspot


Most modern cars can be transformed into a WIfi hotspot through simple accessories or built-in functions. Your app grants you the means to control that hotspot remotely. You can turn it on and off, change the password, and more.

Modern cars are an amazing innovation and make our life easier and a lot more comfortable. Our car smartphone app offers us the means to control the vast possibility and potential that these innovations brought. Now more than ever, driving became more pleasant and efficient thanks to the fact that we can get real-time diagnostics, set the perfect temperature in our vehicle, lock/unlock our car remotely, know at any time what is our vehicle state or location and more.

In the end, having an amazing instrument at your fingertips gives you amazing power and control over your car and allows you to customize it even further.




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