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A hacker is offering details of 5.4 million Twitter accounts for $30,000
The hacked data is reportedly from a vulnerability that was reported in January this year

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A hacker is reportedly offering details of 5.4 million Twitter accounts for $30,000.
Source: The West News

A revelation from earlier this year showed the security of social media platform Twitter falling victim to a vulnerability. Moreover, this has reportedly come in handy for hackers to get hold of details of about 5.4 million accounts belonging to users of the site.

New development further show how the particular hacker who obtained the data is now giving the offer to sell the collection of data for a sum of $30,000. These details were highlighted by a new report detailing the developments from the hacker’s offer for the user data. As specified by various concerned authorities, this hack consisting of 5.4 million people is still minute as opposed to the the hack affecting users of T-Mobile.

The T-mobile breach involved about 478 million users, and took place last year in August. Another such hack on the service AT&T reportedly happened in the same month, affecting about 70 million customers. Though somewhat less significant when seen in front of the T-Mobile breach, it is still much bigger than the Twitter hack from January this year. Clearly, such attacks have come across as a common occurrence among tech firms.

Which data is exactly on sale?

Despite its comparatively low impact, the particular information which is now ready to be sold comes from a particular vulnerability which was noted about this January. The outlet responsible for spelling out this crucial detail regarding the hack reported this year was Restore Privacy.

Additionally, Twitter Inc even went on to agree to the claims of the intense validity of this particular security concern. Moreover, sources confirmed how the social media platform even paid a reward of $5,040 to the one who discovered the concerned vulnerability, ‘zhirinovskiy.’

Restore Privacy’s Sven Taylor stated how similar to a description from this ‘user zhirinovskiy’ on the previous report from early 2022, a threatening agent was carrying out the sale of the information apparently stored from the incident. He added how the database of the microblogging site still has the post intact which alleges comprising data of the customers. He cited the ‘incompetence’ of the social media platform which left the database in place for the hacker to offer it for sale.

Moreover, the unknown seller has reportedly gone ahead to post regarding the information of a page called, Breach Forums, with its owner providing verification for the legitimacy of the breach. According to an example on the site, the leaks apparently showcase details from pages on the site such contact information such as email IDs and contact numbers. Though it does not seem to involve passwords, the availability of emails may pose risk owing to the ‘forgot password’ option.