Image of Sergey Brin alongside Elon Musk and his wife
Source: NDTV

Elon Musk causes ripples on Twitter yet again with the latest controversy

Elon Musk’s omnipresence on news makes it seem like the internet will never run out of Musk content. One after the other, Musk stories springs up like mushrooms during mushroom. Sometimes it is his tweets, and other times it is his feats. Either way, the wealthiest man on the planet rarely leaves the spotlight on the internet. The latest Musk controversy that got netizens talking was a Wall Street Journal report about an alleged affair between Musk and Google CEO Sergey Brin’s ex-wife, Nicole Shanahan. Apparently, the affair acted as the catalyst for the divorce. The news has made its impact and the Twitter town cannot keep calm. Memes and responses have been raining down on Twitter ever since the news began doing rounds on the internet. Read along to know more.

Image of Sergey Brin alongside Elon Musk and his wife
Source: NDTV


Again and Again

Elon Musk has a lot of titles, official and unofficial. However, it seems like the Tesla CEO is not quite pleased with the ‘home-breaker’ title. Musk took to Twitter to state that the report was baseless and totally untrue. In fact, he even added that Brin and he are still good friends. And if that is not enough proof for the untainted camaraderie between the two, they even attended a party the night before, or so he says. The fact that Sergey had played a crucial part in helping Tesla out of the financial crisis in the past adds to the gravity of the issue. Nobody approves of a person who bites the hand that fed it. Looks like the usually unabashed Musk is quite aware of that. Let us take a look at his tweets in response to the report.

Well, the tweet wasn’t that hard to figure out after all.

And some partially-philosophical toppings to finish the overall effect

As usual, the Twitter town had a cauldron of responses to the report. Let us flip through a couple of the reactions and responses on Twitter.

People do have a way with words.

This never gets old

To be fair, it does look like Sergey wanted nothing to do with the picture.

When it comes to Musk, differentiating between sarcasm and facts can be quite a task

People managed to solve one of the world’s mysteries, thanks to the report.

Elon’s idea of ‘ages’ and ours are two very different things.

The report may or may not be true. However, one question that’s looming large is, ‘Why is nobody talking about Sergey Brin’s silence about the report?’