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A Last Of Us Remake Is Under Development For PS5

A Last Of Us Remake Is Under Development For PS5

Last Of Us

A report from Bloomberg has revealed that Sony is currently working on a PS5 remake of the Last Of Us, as well as a brand new game. It seems that not only is the last of us getting a PS5 remake, but a brand new, unexplored game is in the works. According to new insider information that was published on Bloomberg, a new Uncharted 4 remake and a new brand-new Uncharted games are in the works for the PS3 and PS4 and are also in the works for PS 5.

The outlet claims that they assembled a 30-person team to create the remake of Last of Us and decided to rewrite the first Uncharted game. After forming a 30-person development team, the team’s founder, Michael Mumbauer, began working on a remake for the last PlayStation in 2013 and began working on it in 2014, assembling a team of about 30 people. They started working with the PS5 last year after collecting from the development of Uncharted 3 and Uncharted 4, as well as the original Uncharted Games.

Eight people familiar with the situation say the group’s leadership has disbanded and the development of the remake of “Last of Us” is moving to Naughty Dog, according to a source close to the project. When the final part II was delayed, Sony hired Visual Arts to help complete the sequel. The developers helped finish the then-delayed final part II, which took them away from TLOU, but then Sony announced that they would support Mumbauer’s team once work on the second TLOU was completed.  Naughty Dog took over the project, while Visual Arts acted as support for the studio, so disappointed that the team’s co-founder, David Duchovny, had to leave.

Last Of Us

The company declined to comment on the Bloomberg report, which did not say when the “Last of Us” remake of the PlayStation 5 is expected.

Last of Us “TV series on HBO also returns – exploring the plot of the first game, the PS5 remake is taking an interesting direction so soon, especially after SHE revealed that it will revoke its exclusivity with the original game for the next generation of the console. Last Part II “would show new buyers why they should invest in the next generation of consoles, given the high price of the PlayStation 5 and its high-end specifications.

If the remake of “Last of Us” stays with the Visual Arts Service Group, Naughty Dog will have only one thing left to do: create a new, compelling narrative experience. The small studio has been cultivating its own games for years and is rebuilding old things that need to be done anew while working on new projects.

Interestingly, it was also suggested that the remake of “Last of Us” could be bundled with the sequel, which was released on PS4 in June last year. Although nothing has been announced yet, this is not surprising as there was a rumor that Naughty Dog Remaster and Launch would launch “The Last of Me Part 2” on PS5. For starters, they are working on a sequel to the first game they have brought to both platforms, and they seem to have plans for it. I suspect it will get some sort of PlayStation 5 upgrade, but I’m still a bit skeptical.

The final PS5 remake is questionable, as the game has already experienced more than a few upgrades. There is a market for remakes of TLOU, and not many would be afraid to reproduce it with even better graphics. However, given that remasters and extensions for PS5 already exist, this seems rather unnecessary.

Last Of Us

Naughty Dog is one of Sony’s leading studios, and when they take control of a remake of Last of Us, it feels like Sony is adding more things to an already stacked record, but they’re just afraid to do anything new. They just want to milk TLOU to death, so they’ve been content to update it to feel like Part II, even though it’s more modern, requires less budget, and could be packed with the PlayStation 5 version of the sequel. We have seen this before with remakes and it was always decided according to the same formula, without anything to nothing has changed in the course of the game.

News of the TLOU remake comes in the form of an article discussing Sony’s plans for a blockbuster title for the PS5. Sony has decided to hire a team from Naughty Dog to work on the original remake. The San Diego team, who have worked on many PlayStation releases in recent years, were tasked with developing the final remake for their PS 5 hardware, with Sony bosses handing the project over to the original TLOU developer. N naughty dog. After Mumbauer had initially distributed a remake of the first unknown game, he has now put together a new 30-member development group to work on it.



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