A short guide on how to get Spotify plays is here to save you!

What is the easiest way to become popular on Spotify? Let’s not lie to ourselves by saying that we don’t want easy solutions. All people are lazy, and time is equally important to all of them. And musicians are the ones who value time the most. If you are a Spotify musician, you really don’t want to waste your time on some unnecessary actions. Success does not wait, and the industry of music does not stop waiting for you. So in a search for aid, musicians more often turn their attention to paid promotion, trying to get Spotify plays. And here’s the thing – they are absolutely right.

If you want to bite your own piece of success pie on Spotify, you have to invest first. Spotify is sometimes like a woman. You can talk well and dress nicely, but you’re done if you don’t buy her dinner. Same for Spotify. You can create great music with the best lyrics and naming, but if you don’t spend money on your Spotify career, someone who does will take your place.

And why are plays so important? Can’t you just buy followers or monthly listeners? You see, plays are more visible. The effect of huge plays is instantly visible when followers’ effect is a long shot. And you need the result as soon as possible. No matter what you are buying plays for – whether you are really promoting your music or you simply like seeing five-digit numbers in your statistics. It also does not matter if you are promoting a fresh release or an old one – the promotion through plays fits all needs.

Don’t be scared off by words like “buy.” In the modern world, achieving success in music is almost impossible without proper promotion. You surely can live without it and get all plays slowly but steadily, but do you really want to wait? What if something changes in how the algorithms work, and you’ll end up empty-handed?

But how to buy real plays and not some fake ones? You have to look for a good promotion service. Always check three things: website, reviews, and prices. The reviews should be good, without hundreds of negative comments. The website must be well-designed, easy to use and look decent overall. The price should not be too high or too low. A low price means a higher chance of getting scammed, and a high price does not always guarantee good results. Plays must always be real and organic, so the service should specify that on the website. But if the service is “scammable” – you’ll know it. Pop-ups, ads, gross interface – those are the attributes of a “scammy” service. Beware!

After you buy plays, your track will start appearing in popular playlists, top charts, users’ recommendations, and mixes. There is absolutely no limit to where the promotion can take you. And if you promote good enough, there is high probability that your music will finally be seen by a music producer, and you’ll have to sign a fat juicy contract with many zeros in no time. So answer his: are you ready to go through this for your fame? If you have the courage – then don’t hesitate, buy hose plays, and make yourself a star!