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A single Tweet from CRED CEO kickstarts a flurry of Memes and Jokes on Twitter.

Business rivalry is an age-old tale. And companies sparring on Twitter every once in a while adding to the trending list is nothing surprising either. And recently, the Tweet from CRED CEO, Kunal Shah has proved to be the start-off point of a wave of responses and memes on Twitter, and netizens have another topic to open their boring minds to and engage in lively discussion and debate. Apparently, microanalysis happens not just in literature classes these days, Twitter is a welcome platform for analysis and criticism and even poetic references.

While Kunal Shah was aiming to hit the sarcasm bulls-eye with precision, something went amiss, and as is evident, he has clearly missed the mark. Perhaps, sarcasm requires more creativity and sharp wits than that is required to create kick-ass advertisements that, according to the netizens, are reaping zero rewards, compared to Zerodha, with zero marketing and high profits. Or perhaps, sarcasm has a low reception rate in our country, and the CRED CEO totally misread the signs getting himself into the Twitter tangle that is not going to let go of him very soon. Here is the tweet that was sarcastic in nature, but which opened door to all the more sarcasm and humor. As is customary, one thing leads to another, and there is no stopping that.

Something did miss the mark. Whether it was the tweet or the CRED business model is another question altogether.

In his defense, the CRED CEO did do some damage control. However, looks like nobody is in the mood to give ‘credit’ to his efforts.

Well, that is a handy tip from a user.

Reality is often hard to stomach. (Makes one think if it is necessary to add the remark ‘sarcastic’ to this.)

It takes courage to take things lightly is all that can be said about this.

Forget profit generation, the ads did manage to get some job done for crying out loud. At times likes this, it is always better to uphold the ‘glass-half-full mentality.

Kunal Shah’s sarcasm missed the mark. But not that of some users who hit right where it hurts.

Should we call this a comedy of errors or a tragedy?



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