Aarigo’s open marketplace for all types of local service providers !

aarigoAarigo is India’s First Marketplace for Services to buy and share best things to do In your city & beyond. It is a location based platform that connects service provider, skilled Individuals, professional & home based businesses to their target customer easily and effectively.

We may have the confidence to do anything, but we certainly aren’t qualified for doing everything. There comes a time in life, where you need to call someone for help, and there’s nothing wrong in it. The timely help also matters, so there’s no point of trying to contact a friend who’s out of station for a work that has to be completed immediately. For instance, if you seek for a plumber, or beauty services or pest control and many more, how will you find professionals in the respective area in your area?

aarigo logo  Aarigo.com is the Mumbai based online market based service which was founded in September, 2015. It’s vision is to “serve the customer and make life simple and better.” They are here to make a business for long term viability and currently providing services in 35 categories that include beauty services at home, yoga, home service and many more. They help the customers to find the list of trusted professional service provider on the basis of price, quality and reviews in your locality.

The Competition in the Market

Aarigo’s open marketplace is addressing the market size of over $50 Billion and are trying to solve local service and professional service challenges and they have just started to scratch the surface. It is solving the problem very differently as compared to other form filling model such as Urban clap , Local Oye, many more and they feel that the competition hasn’t even scratched the surface in last 6 to 8 months.

“The only problem with this kind of form filling model in Hyper local marketplace for services is they just have no taste and we don’t mean that in a small way. They don’t have sense to think of original ideas anymore. We have seen many start-ups coming in hyper local marketplaces for services and everyone is aggressively behind to find the better solution for the customers and bridging the gap. Raising millions of money doesn’t mean you are big at the end how many customers you served matters a lot.” says Sushant, CEO of Aarigo.com. A customer can book every type of hyper local service providers within a minute and there is currently not any type of competitors in the field providing all these features.

The Transparency in the Marketplace!

Aarigo.com is very unique in its way, it does not require long form filings as they’re not in the business of making things more complicate for the people in our country. They believe there should always  be transparency between service provider and the customer. They create larger visibility to service providers in their website by having detailed store like a profile to each service provider’s to reach wider audience and are not here just to create a Website or App. They are want their making, even the smallest of its changes to be unforgettable and last forever.

Our vision is to become a single largest marketplace for service in next 5 to 10 years globally, so we can proudly say “Make in India”.

Aarigo.com is the easiest way to get various services done by not only saving time, and energy but also the money of the customers. People have been hiring service providers since existence of yellow pages which somewhat made it easier for them to find the number and name of the provider which just served half of the purpose! It was impossible for one to figure out the quality and the price of the service unless one enquires of it from others.

They hence created Aarigo.com to replace that and cater to the needs of customers in a real time environment by providing the qualified and best service providers along with packaged service offers from different vendors and service providers in your neighbourhood. The most unique part is data shown on website is being updated in real time and people can choose the providers on the basis of price, quality and review.

Aarigo Facts
Founded: September 2015
Founders: Sushant Darekar and Amit Baravkar
Current team size: 3
Operational Base: Mumbai
Services Category: 35 such as cleaning, electrical & computer, yoga classes, beauty services, etc.,
Service Providers: 200+
Unique Visitors: 5000
Sales: Over 50k withing 2 months

The Establishers

Sushant Darekar (Cofounder & CEO) is an MBA graduate from Wales University (UK) who had worked for 3 years in London in an MNC and currently looks after overall strategy planning and overall product development, and other areas.

aarigo foundersSushant and Amit

Amit Baravkar (Co founder & CTO) is a B. Tech (Biotechnology & Genetic Engineering), BBA (Corporate Secretoryship), M.Tech (Systems Management), Master of Business Laws. Since 2012 he is engaged in various businesses and now looks after technological development & needs of Aarigo.com website.

Build your own things that other people can use it.

The Philosophy is plain and simple, remember when we grow up we tend to get told that the world is the way it is! Just live your life the way it is try to have nice family life, save money and for this life we give our best and work hard to get a good professional MNC job and then finally life ends. That’s a very limited life, life can be much broader. Everything around us was made up by people that were no smarter than us, they have changed it and influenced us to make things better. Build your own things that other people can use it. Learning from all this, and tempting to serve the customer and make it easier for them to get along, Aarigo.com was established.

The Zero % Tolerance in Customer Satisfaction

One of the biggest challenges that they faced was the diversity in customer base and keeping up their policy of 0% tolerance in customer satisfaction. The diversity can be better explained as there are some customers in India that are willing to pay a certain amount for a particular service but for some that amount may be a luxury price for the same service. So it was quite difficult to arrange the pricing of each and every type of service.

The other challenges include finding the right vendors and connecting them with Aarigo. Also the validation and quality check was not a day’s work. It took almost two months for them to validate every provider and service on their platform.

The entire journey has been one hell of a ride! From actually sourcing right service provider to talking to customers under a pseudonym. In this journey, their biggest asset has been their team that stood by through all the learning moments and their customers who kept coming back with constructive feedback on how they can improve our services.

Expansion Plans

You will see a lot of updates in the coming months. They are currently focusing on increasing their customer base and they will also be announcing expansion to few cities such as Pune, Delhi and Bangalore within 4 months. They are currently bootstrapped and very soon will be looking forward to raise funds and are already in talks with various angles and early stage investors for the same.

“With an entrepreneur mindset to add values to the lives of people and expect to grow bigger. We carry a lot of responsibilities to solve larger problems in service industry.”