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Aaron Barnes’s AI planned Comedic Journey through Las Vegas

Imagine the classic scenario: there’s always that one trip we eagerly planned with our friends, but for some reason or another, it never materializes (with Goa being the ultimate destination of thwarted dreams).

However, brace yourself for this mind-blowing story: there’s actually a guy out there who had the audacity to let Artificial Intelligence take charge and plan his entire 24-hour trip. TikTok user Aaron Barnes generously shared a video of how he gave complete control to AI and let it come up with a flawless itinerary for his adventure.

Aaron Barnes

Aaron Barnes enlisted the help of GuideGeek, the incredibly innovative and totally-not-trying-to-sell-you-anything free personal travel assistant (at least that’s what their website claims) to craft a meticulously planned 24-hour escapade.

Naturally, he kicked off the process by asking the AI to provide a state in the United States that he could conveniently visit from the renowned Los Angeles International Airport for his whirlwind adventure. In a not-so-truly shocking turn of events, the AI came up with none other than… drumroll, please… Las Vegas!

Vegas is here


With his flight booked from LAX to Las Vegas and reaching destination, our fearless explorer Aaron embarked on his first mission: to meet a complete stranger and party like there is no tomorrow.

But not before seeking the invaluable wisdom of GuideGeek regarding the best-hidden gem for a gastronomic delight in Sin City. Because, you know, there’s nothing more secretive than an AI that explores the vast depths of the internet for information.

Lo and behold, the AI travel guru revealed the treasure known as Secret Pizza (yes, the name is truly shrouded in mystery) located near the Cosmopolitan. Our guy, Aaron, dedicated a solid hour to unraveling the enigma and eventually stumbled upon this covert establishment. And boy, was he rewarded for his efforts! According to his account, the taste of the pizza made the entire quest well worth the journey. Well, secrets are always delicious, isn’t it?

Casino? No?

Following his delightful pizza experience, Aaron turned to the ever-reliable GuideGeek for its expert guidance on the top five must-visit destinations in Las Vegas.

Probably too much wine! - Imgflip

Brace yourselves for yet another mind-boggling revelation: the AI’s recommendations included none other than the Eiffel Tower (because, you know, Vegas is renowned for its uncanny ability to replicate iconic landmarks from around the world) and a peculiar imitation of the City of Venice. How utterly peculiar!

Aaron couldn’t help but feel a sense of confusedness (join the club, Aaron!) and couldn’t help but wonder if there was anything more weird than this.

Date and Circus

As Las Vegas continued its never-ending quest to out-Vegas itself, Aaron decided to embrace the spirit of this wild city by pretending to be someone from Australia (because, why not?). Much to his surprise, his maneuver worked, and he miraculously landed a date with a girl.

At this point, Aaron couldn’t help but question whether he had drifted from his actual original mission. With precious little time left before his date, he once again turned to the ever-reliable AI travel extraordinaire, GuideGeek, for assistance in finding the cheapest accommodation in Vegas.

Circus Circus Las Vegas | Welcome to the Fabulous Las Vegas Wiki | Fandom

And what did our beloved AI suggest? None other than a circus-themed hotel by the name of “Circus Circus.” It was pretty evident you can never have too many circuses in one trip. Oh, and did I mention that Aaron had an undying fondness for clowns?

In the comment section, a user emerged in solidarity with Aaron, expressing that he too was not particularly fond of clowns.

Oh, the sweet taste of rejection! Aaron’s carefully laid date plans crumbled into dust as his potential date bluntly stated that she couldn’t make it (ouch, that’s a straight-up rejection, folks).

But fear not, for it’s now time for some deep and profound advice, courtesy of the wise TikTok video. Brace yourselves, for “in life, there are always two options… blah blah blah”.

Despite this minor setback, our valiant adventurer courageously packed his bags and pressed on with his mission to mingle with strangers and revel in the endless party scene. And boy, did he succeed!

The imaginative minds of TikTok users never cease to amaze! It seems that some creative souls on the platform had already crafted plans for an epic “How I Met Your Mother” series based on Aaron’s thrilling adventures! Because, you know, every unexpected encounter and quirky twist definitely deserves to be immortalized in a television show.

High Quality ted mosby himym cheers impressed Blank Meme Template

And yes, Ted Mosby is always in town.

Without many surprises, he did strike up a friendship with the very first stranger he encountered (who, by the way, happened to be quite handsome), and the duo embarked on a night of unparalleled fun and excitement.

The main question of who is the funniest of them all! Did GuideGeek AI provide a good dose of amusement? Absolutely! But let’s not forget the non-stop comedic spectacle that is Las Vegas itself.

It’s a close competition, folks. AI is certainly revolutionizing the way we approach travel and trip planning, injecting a new level of convenience and unpredictability into the mix. Who would have thought that a digital assistant could become your travel companion and comedy sidekick all rolled into one?

The world of travel will never be the same again, thanks to the whimsical charm of both AI and the lively spirit of Las Vegas.