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Abiliti – An authentic and all in one platform for your startup’s fund-raising journey!

India has seen a startling ascent in startup culture. With over 50,000 recognised startups and 70+ unicorns as of 2021, we are one of the fastest growing ecosystems in the world. Entrepreneurs, investors and governments around the globe are eyeing on Indian startups, trying to find a sweet spot for themselves so that they can benefit from the ride. If you are a person dreaming of a startup but afraid of nuances and unknown hurdles – Abiliti is here for you.

Abiliti is a platform as a service that accompanies startups in their success journey. Are you a founder on your startup journey or yet to start, but have come across doubts about your business model, your sales strategy or found yourself nowhere in your fundraising path? Abiliti will help you through these processes and take you along your growth journey.

“Long time founders have been kept in the dark when it comes to fundraising for their startups, it’s time to change” – says Gaurav Shah, co-founder of Abiliti who has been in the startup ecosystem for more than 15 years now. He further adds “Abiliti is driven by basics, it is one of the most secure and authentic platforms built by ecosystem experts and investment specialists to facilitate founders in their business. The platform envisions a transparent and democratic fundraising for startups.”

You can benefit from Abiliti by signing up on the web app as a startup and building your profile, you will be learning a lot of business aspects and fundraising intricacies on it. Once you are good with your pitch according to the Abiliti score provided by the platform you can reach out to hundreds of qualified institutional investors across the globe and get in conversation with them.

Abiliti is built for the startup ecosystem, other stakeholders on the platform are investors, catalysts, accelerators and vendors who have offerings to the startup world. If you are stuck up in your fundraising journey or want to grow your startup, hit www.abiliti.app now on your browser.



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