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Abu Dhabi aims to diversify sources of energy to electrify

Abu Dhabi takes a significant step toward changing the country’s carbon emission, reaching Net-Zero by 2050. Their strategic initiative comes along as they release a regulatory policy for EV charging infrastructure in the emirate. The DoE’s policy is focused on diversifying the sources of energy to shift towards electric vehicles, supporting Abu Dhabi’s low emission vehicle strategy.

Abu Dhabi DoE Reveal Plans for EV Charging Infrastructure in Abu Dhabi

Image credits- Transport and Logistics Middle East

It was announced on Wednesday that the Abu Dhabi Department of Energy (DoE) will set a policy to establish stipulations and criteria for the network of electric vehicle charging stations across the UAE capital. It will include the principles of installation, management of electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE), and ownership. Then there is also electricity supply to EVSE and setting the pricing mechanism for customers to make use of the services.

The transition of UAE and Abu Dhabi will be supported by the policy, to achieve carbon neutrality in the coming three decades. It is in line with Abu Dhabi’s development vision, anticipating a progressive increase in using EVs on the country’s roads in the future. H.E Eng Awaidha AI Marar, Chairman of DoE said, “The policy for electric vehicle charging in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi is a significant step for enabling the growth of an EV charging infrastructure in the emirate. It is in line with Abu Dhabi’s economic diversification strategies and commitment to the Paris Agreement on climate change. Given that the largest demand for energy comes from industry, construction, and transport. DoE recognizes that decarbonizing these sectors requires electricity from clean and renewable sources.”


Marar further added, “One of our main focuses at DoE is to support the transition of our transportation sector towards electricity and away from fossil fuels. With the globally proven benefits of increasing the use of electric vehicles that are charged from the electrical grid system, we have built a strong economic and environmental case for growing Abu Dhabi’s EV and EV infrastructure markets.”

DoE’s policy supports Abu Dhabi’s Low Emission Vehicle Strategy aimed at diversifying the sources of energy used in the transition toward electrification. It recognizes that there is an ongoing global move towards the use of electric vehicles that are charged from the electric grid, which – as the energy mix evolves – allows for the increased use of clean energy for transportation and a corresponding reduction of carbon dioxide emissions and other pollutants. The policy will enable necessary investments into this EV charging infrastructure and help tackle the range anxiety.




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