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AC Ventures announces $80 Mn for Indonesian startups

AC Ventures has recently announced an $80 million funds for Indonesian startups. The ACV Capital III L.P. fund will help startups grow in one of the fastest internet growing economies in the world, Indonesia. On 12th October, the firm also announced a close of at $56 million which has already been assigned/will be to startups.

Investment plans of AC Ventures

The firm plans to use the $80 million to fund 30 different startups. Firstly it will be investing $3 million in a seed and Series A rounding. AC ventures team has been partnering with Indies Capital to make strategic investments in various startups in India. Their alliance is called ACV and has already invested in nine different startups. They include Shipper, Kargo, Stockbit, Bukuwarung, ESB, Co-Learn, KitaBeli, Aruna and Soul Parking.

AC Ventures

ACV plans to invest in e-commerce, financial tech, digital media-enabled services and startups serving MSMEs. They are not only planning to invest in these companies but also will be helping the startups in key development. This will include helping in business development, hiring key executives and if everything goes well also fund in later rounds of investments. To assist startup founders learn about growth hacking and fundraising, it has also launched the AC academy.

Opportunities in Indonesia

Being an expanding market, Indonesia has a lot of place for investment in many sectors. Even though the use of the internet and the adoption of e-commerce has increase frantically in the past 5 years, but still, there is a long way to go. Since there are over 600 different inhabited islands in Indonesia, the logistics department is not very well-optimised. This is a space where startups like shipper come in.

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Another place where startups in Indonesia can make a difference is digitising small stores and businesses. This will also enable digital payments which might, in turn, increase the number of online orders.

Talking about the opportunities in Indonesia Adrian Li, founding partner at ACV, said, “We’re really seeing some great opportunities in Indonesia, and we’re seeing more interest globally going into startups in Indonesia. This is the world’s fourth most populous country, and there are so many products and services which can be delivered better and more efficiently through technology.”

What are your thoughts about investment opportunities for AC ventures in Indonesia? Also, tell us about your take on the best sectors for the growth of startups in the country. Do let us know in the comments below. If you found our content informative, do like and share it with your friends.

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