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Acculi Labs secured Rs 5 Cr in seed funding round

Acculi Labs, a Bangalore based health diagnostic company, has now secured INR 5 crore in a seed funding round backed by the PirE Ventures.

It is started in the month of May 2017 by the Rupam Das. It aims to make home-based care available to the last person at the bottom of the pyramid.

Rupam Das, the CTO, and CEO of Acculi Labs, said,

“The investment will be used to bring our vision to reality. [Our] R&D will work with new vigour and rigour to simplify healthcare for the needy. [We] will run full business operations to ensure that Lyfas becomes the need of every household, irrespective of geophysical location, as we at Acculi believe that healthcare is the need of people.”



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