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Acer H series Smart TV – Review
Here is the full on review for the newly launched Acer H series Smart Tv

Acer H series Smart TV - Review

Acer H series Smart TV – Review
Image Credits: Acer

Acer’s television division which has been licensed by Indkal Technologies launched its new Smart Television series, the H series a few days back offering a great range of Specifications combined with great competitive pricing.

If you are looking to buy a new smart TV? Then we would recommend you to have a look at this new Smart TV coming by Acer. Let’s now talk in depth about this smart TV and get a conclusion about whether you should buy this Smart Tv or not.

Acer launching their new Smart TV lineup

The smart Tv has been launched by Acer televisions which have been licensed by Bangalore-based Indkal Technologies.

Although this Smart TV comes with some latest features including the embedded MEMC chipset, Dolby Atmos, and also Android 11, thus it makes this TV among the best choices to go with! Let’s now talk about the specification side in depth.

Acer H Series Smart Tv – What does it feature?

Acer H Series Smart Tv - Features

Acer H Series Smart Tv – Features
Image Credits: Acer

Within the H series Smart Tv by Acer, we have three different screen sizes including a base 43-inch base model and then a 50-inch model, and also the biggest 55-inch model too.

Here the specification for all the trio models is quite the same. This also includes the chipset inside the Tv which is a new Mali G31 CPU. This powerful chipset has been coupled with a faster 2GB RAM and also 16GB of internal storage too.

Talking about the port side, the TV features 3 HDMI 2.1 generation ports, one USB 2.0 port and also a faster USB 3.0 port, and an AV output as well.

All these models feature a new Bezel-less design with the support for 4K Ultra HD resolution. Talking more about the display side, this display also gets the support for Dolby Vision, HDR 10+ coupled with the support HLG.

Alongside to all these new display features, the Smart Tv also features Micro Dimming and is embedded with an IFSE called the Intelligent Frame Stabilization Engine.

What’s the launched pricing for the Acer H series Smart TV?

Acer H series Smart TV - Price

Acer H series Smart TV – Price
Image Credits: Acer

Let’s now talk about the pricing side of this Acer H series Smart Tv. For such a featured rich specification, we have competitive pricing set by Acer Televisions.

Starting with the base model which is a 43-inch model, it’s been priced for Rs. 29,999 and then the 50-inch model is priced for Rs. 34,999 and then if you are looking for a bigger screen then you can buy the biggest 55-inch screen for just Rs. 39,999.

Conclusion – Should you buy the Acer H series Smart TV?

Should you buy the Acer H series Smart Tv? If you ask us, definitely we would recommend you to go with this new Smart TV launched by Acer.

The combination of this Smart Tv coming with the best range specification and then competitive pricing is the reason why it makes a great fit for many consumers to buy this smart Tv.

Already, the Smart TV has been going out of stock during the Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale, which of course gives you a major reason to go with this Smart TV.



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