Activision Blizzard

Activision Blizzard comes under the critical eye once again as its HR personnel stands accused of shredding evidence.

Activision Blizzard, the gaming company activated a stream of piercing criticisms directed at it following the lawsuit filed by the California state in July for allowing the growth of a “frat boy” culture. It also brought to light the sexual harassment and discrimination directed at women and the unsafe working environment created by the same. People were also enraged by the indifferent attitude of the authorities who failed miserably in taking the right action in response to these. Not so long ago, Twitter had been filled with fury and criticism at Activision Blizzard for working on an unethical base despite being popular in the field. It also opened another can of worms of the general working atmosphere offered to women in the gaming field. And now, once again Activision is under scrutiny as people express outrage at the HR personnel who stand accused of destroying significant evidence that would have been crucial to the investigation. Seems like they are in for yet another blizzard of rage and no wizard can calm it down unless they own it up and come clean. Otherwise, Twitter will have another raging topic to discuss.

Activision Blizzard

Yet Another Blizzard

The disturbing stories that surfaced following the lawsuit had already put the company under a dark shadow. Although the company slowly began to address the issues, probably due to pressure, the latest allegation has once again brought it back to square one. Seems like the legal battle is toughening and it will not be a cakewalk for the company. After all, destroying evidence is the last thing they need to be accused of at this point and yet, here we are. Another reason for the fierce criticism is the string of non-disclosure agreements that put a bridle on the employees from openly acknowledging the issues. Let us not forget that Activision even added fuel to the fire by bringing in WilmerHale for the investigation. Seems like all the steps they took following the lawsuit were in the wrong direction.

Responses on Twitter

Twitter users were already in fury following the news of the lawsuit. And now it has touched a tick-off point. While some are expressing anger, others have reached a point where they are not even surprised at it, particularly after all the horrible details that surfaced following the lawsuit. Seems like there is a saturation point for shock and surprise as well. Let us take a look.

Well, to be surprised, we need something new and shocking. This is the same old story.

Apology statements are not going to work anymore.

When it comes to matters like these, some people have selective amnesia.

They have given enough reason to simultaneously remember and not remember them.

Talk about exceeding expectations.

Guess they are exploring the superlative degrees of ‘bad’ and even adding their own varieties to it.

Inside or outside, there is a fire raging.

Now that is going to be a very long search.