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Acura reveals its first EV SUV Concept that will be arriving in 2024

Acura unveils its first EV SUV that will be arriving on the market in 2024. It is the Acura Precision EV concept that made a debut at the Monterey Car Week. Acura’s parent company Honda has been comparatively slow to make a transition. However, the parent company has revealed a series of EV lineups this year.

Acura Precision EV concept previews an electric SUV coming in 2024

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Honda said it plans to invest around $40 billion to produce 30 battery electric vehicles (BEVs). Earlier this summer, the automaker gave us a look at the Prologue EV, an electric SUV developed on a platform made by GM. The Acura Precision EV Concept is part of the automaker’s Design Studio in LA’s future electric vision. Acura will build the EV SUV on its platform codeveloped with GM, which the automaker plans to release several EV models on.

Assistant Vice President of Acura National Sales, Emile Korkor, said the company has big plans for an electric future. “The Acura Precision EV Concept is a design study that will shape the direction of future Acura products in the electrified era including our first all-electric SUV in 2024.” The EV SUV is inspired by the uniqueness and harmony of luxury Italian power boats. According to the release, Acura’s Precision EV Concept features a “wide, athletic stance, expressive silhouette, and sharp character line.”

The concept

Acura is skipping the hybrid phase, going straight to EVs, with its first all-electric model, the Acura ADX, also set to hit the roads in 2024. It will be followed by the automaker’s first EV SUV, the Precision EV Concept. The automaker said it’s accelerating toward electrification with the release of the Acura Precision Concept EV. Acura’s executive creative director, Dave Marek, said, “The Acura Precision EV Concept will be our North Star as we move into an exciting electrified future, and you will see these design cues translate over to future production models.” 

The EV SUV features new theatrical lighting that lights up Acura’s Pentagon grille. In addition, the Precision EV Concept will feature new “Particle Glitch” lighting on the front and rear ends and its 23-inch wheels. Andy Foster, Acura’s exterior chief designer, talked about the new Particle Glitch lighting. “The “Particle Glitch” lower detailing explores what EV performance could look like as Acura shifts toward its electrified future.” 

The interior is inspired by the cockpit of a Formula 1 race car. It features a low driving position, high-performance sightlines, and a modified steering wheel. Furthermore, the EV SUV comes loaded with two driving experiences: Instinctive Drive Mode, which maximizes performance with red ambient lighting, and Spiritual Mode, which does the opposite by relaxing the wheel and projecting an “underwater” experience. The EV SUV is the automaker’s third design concept since 2016, previewing what the future of Acura will look like. After debuting today at a private convention, the Acura EV Precision Concept will make its public showcase tomorrow, Friday, August 19.

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