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Crypto to be accepted as payment option for filling tank in Australia

Cryptocurrency now is an accepted payment option to refill gas or fuel in Australia

  • Cryptocurrency accepted in over 150 OTR stations in Australia
  • Cryptocurrency spreading its wings into gift and food industry at the same time
  • Technological gap for the use of cryptocurrency narrowing as the day progresses
  • The growth of cryptocurrency on a global front


Cryptocurrency accepted in over 150 OTR Stations in Australia

According to the reports, it is heard that around 150 stations in Australia have started to accept cryptocurrency as payments for fuel or gas. According to a statistical data, around a million Australians own some kind of cryptocurrency or another. As the trend for cryptocurrency is kicking in, the OTR stations in the continent seized on to the opportunity to develop a tech that will successfully enable a motorist to pay for his fuel/gas in crypto.

Datamesh helping Cryptocurrency penetrate into gift industry and food industry

Datamesh is the tech that is eventually helping crypto venture into different industries at least in Australia. The tech that was brought in to pay in crypto at the OTR station was credited to Datamesh. In addition, Datamesh, also expanded the option to include gift stores, and even donut stores, where crypto coins can be converted into Australian dollars on the spot.

Technological Gap narrowing as the days keep coming

Previously, due to technological limitations, it has been difficult for many businesses to enable crypto transactions at brick-and-mortar stores.

Karl Mohan from Crypto.com stated, “We have addressed that issue with our innovation with Datamesh to build a new highly scalable, revolutionary platform which will enable consumers to pay conveniently with cryptocurrency.

The growth of cryptocurrency on global front

Cryptocurrency growth on global front

Credits: How-to-geek

It is safe to say that cryptocurrency has grown leaps and bounds from the time it came into existence. The currency which just started as a digital asset industry, is now tipped to revolutionize the entire financial sector of the globe, by replacing the fiat currencies. Not only that, cryptocurrencies penetration into various industries is happening at good pace.

In Australia alone, around 2.6 million Australians use cryptocurrency of some kind, with bitcoin being the most popular one. It is also reported that, the ownership rate of crypto in Australia is seven percent more than the ownership rate of the entire globe. Not only the investors, but merchants from various industries are willing accepting payments in crypto to grab the opportunity to earn as much digital asset as possible.


What do you think about the new payment tech in Australia helping motorist? Do you think Crypto has grown in the correct direction? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.



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