Gautam Adani

Adani Transmission Ranks 8 in Top 10 Indian Firms

Adani transmission, one of the biggest power transmission companies has made it to the top 1o most valuable firms in the country. It was ranked 8th most valuable firm in the country. Go through the entire article to learn more about this news.

Adani Transmission

This company’s journey started 16 years back, in 2006. After 16 years of sheer hard work and dedication, the company is one of the largest power transmission companies in India. The company works on the belief that environment-friendly businesses are what will lead India to the path of glory. Therefore, they constantly strive to understand the needs and expectations of society. The company has a market capitalization of about 4.4 trillion rupees which is why it has become the 8th most valued firm in India.

About the list

As Gautam Adani’s, Adani Transmission enters the list, Life Insurance Corporation of India gets kicked out from this most envied list. It must be noted that Life Insurance Corporation of India is the largest insurance company in India and Adani Transmission is more valuable than this company to the country. Adani Transmission has managed to surpass even HDFC and LIC in terms of its valuability.

Adani Transmission shares

It has been reported that shares of the company have seen a rise of 27% in the short time span of four weeks. It has also been reported that over the last 6 months, the stock of the company has risen by 84%. These are some impressive figures and the company also earned a profit of about 168.46 after deducting taxes by the quarter end.

About Gautam Adani

Every Indian citizen knows about Gautam Adani. If you are among the very few who don’t know much about him, this paragraph will help learn all about him. An inspiration to many and a rival to some, Gautam Adani is a popular industrial and the head of the Adani group. He is the reason behind the massive success of the company. Recent reports suggest that he is the 3rd richest in the Asian continent, with a net worth of approximately $141.1billion. He is known to have dropped out of school to follow his ambitions. He also shifted from Ahmedabad to Mumbai to make it big in the Indian market. He was always interested in entrepreneurship from a very early age and managed to fulfil his dream by making his company one of the most reputed firms in the country.