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Adidas enters the metaverse with big NFT collabs

A few days back, Adidas announced they are partnering with Coinbase. This happened after the tweet from The Sandbox intrigued them about metaverse. And about 12 hours back, Adidas tweeted that they are entering the metaverse. The tweet also included a partnership with BoredApeYC, gmoney NFT, and Punks comic. Adidas seems to be very excited about its journey into the metaverse, and it is a matter of time before its competitors join the race as well.

Adidas enters the metaverse

Adidas’s primary partnership is with Coinbase, which will allow it to make it into the metaverse. The partnerships with NFTs will make sure that it gets to sell its products as NFTs in the metaverse in the future. NFTs also bring a lot of fan base into the picture, which makes the partnership more fruitful for the company. This is because all the NFTs collabs that Adidas mentioned in its tweet are really popular and are in high demand.

Adidas gets a new business opportunity with the metaverse. If we see the idea really take off, it is obvious that companies will sell their products virtual and make a lot of money from it. And if not, just entering the metaverse is getting Adidas a lot of hype and free press, which doesn’t hurt.

Is metaverse the future?

Adidas enters the metaverseAfter Facebook changed its name to Meta, the hype surrounding the metaverse has reached new highs. It is important to note that what we are imagining of the metaverse right now is still very far away. The idea shared by Facebook is very futuristic and well into the future. And I personally think that even though we are going to see some implementation of it in our lives, it won’t take over our physical lives. Humans are social beings which means that no matter what, we seek physical human interaction and reach touch.

We should also note that that there could also be a lot of regulatory challenges to the metaverse in the way how data is aggregated and stored. So, if you are thinking metaverse is the next big thing, do also consider the other side.

What are your thoughts as Adidas enters the metaverse with NFT collabs? And do you think this is going to be a good thing for the company? Let us know in the comments below. Also, if you found our content informative, do like and share it with your friends.

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