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Adobe ends Flash support, Recommends uninstalling
From January 2021, Flash Player will not be supported in any of the OS and platforms

Adobe ends Flash

Adobe ends Flash as planned in 2017 to be executed by the end of 2020. Adobe plans on blocking content that needs Flash support beginning on January 12. Flash’s end ought not to intensely sway clients because numerous mainstream programs have just moved away from the configuration. Furthermore, iPhone and iPad clients are not influenced by the change, as iOS and iPadOS have never upheld Flash.

In 2010, Steve Job offered his opinion on Flash and criticized its incompatibility and reliability with mobile sites and the concern related to battery drainage in mobile devices. According to Jobs, Flash was slow to adapt to enhancements on the platforms that Apple offered. Inculcation of Flash in iOS would hinder the smooth functioning of the platforms.

Adobe’s flash has suffered from vulnerabilities in the past that exposed PC and Mac users to malware and various security risks. This caused operating system vendors like Apple and Microsoft to expend unnecessary resources in keeping up with the security matter. The security and malware issue is one of the major reasons behind Adobe’s decision to end Flash.

Microsoft already informed its customers and confirmed that the next update in its Windows 10 OS will automatically remove Flash Player. As Adobe ends flash, the company has also issued pop-ups to users requesting people to remove the software.

Microsoft in September 2020 confirmed that it is working on providing an update that will allow the users to uninstall Flash Player from the control panel or automatically uninstall it using an update. The pop-up option by Adobe to “uninstall Flash” is not pushed to all devices. Adobe is currently rolling out this option across platforms gradually.

This update however does not affect the built-in flash in the browsers. It will remain until the next big browser update. Mozilla confirmed that it will not support Flash and it won’t be included in its next Firefox 85 update. Chromium by Google still hasn’t issued any official notice about ending flash support as of now.

Adobe ends Flash as it realized that open standard like WebAssembly, WebGL, and HTML5 has matured over the years and are a good alternative for Flash content. The company says that a lot of browser vendors are integrating these standards in their browsers which act as a competition and rather a better alternative to plug-ins like Flash Player.

Adobe has informed the Flash users that it won’t be responsible for any security issue or system lags after Adobe ends Flash officially. Not uninstalling Flash can pose a potential threat to the system concerning the device’s security.



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