After being fired, Twitter employees are getting paid, check out the amount

Layoffs on the social media site Twitter have sparked controversy. There have been reports of massive termination coming from different parts of the world. Comapny’s India office likewise experienced a significant loss in staff.

Various reports indicate that 85% of the employees were let go. After a day filled with ups and downs for all the employees, Elon Musk finally spoke about the layoffs. He shared a message that the company was losing $4 million every day and that he had no choice but to terminate people.

The sum of money the business would compensate those who are fired was another topic Musk covered in his tweet. Musk asserted that the social media platform would provide a severance package equal to three months wages. He stated that this is 50% more than what was mandated by law to be paid to this personnel.

Twitter informed employees about the layoffs 

Twitter informed all employees of the upcoming round of layoffs in a letter that was sent out on Thursday. According to the letter, employees were instructed to stay at home, and those who were en route were told to return. However, company employees began posting tweets early on Friday morning, complaining that they couldn’t access the company’s internal systems.

According to earlier reports, employees may be laid off in large numbers due to Musk’s acquisition of Twitter. Some people even asserted that 75% of the staff would be let go.

However, after taking over the most significant platform, Musk refuted that assertion. As a result, it needs to be clarified how widespread the layoffs will be. But according to reports, Twitter India has lost over 85% of its workforce.


These workers are posting about their experiences on social media. But, unfortunately, Twitter still needs to make the official numbers public.

On Thursday, a class action lawsuit was brought against Twitter for the wrongful termination of 3700 workers. A federal court in San Francisco received the lawsuit.