Airbnb is reinventing itself

Airbnb CEO announces biggest change in the way users search for listings

Airbnb announces a redesign of its website, to change how the users look at listings. The newly redesigned website allows users to explore their travel options without a specific destination. It could be countryside homes, A-frames, or areas near golfing experiences.

Airbnb is reinventing itself
Image credits- Indie Folio

In addition to the new user experience, the company also added a new concept called “Split Stays”. It allows a traveler to book more than one listing for long-stay in one location. With these changes, Airbnb also launched AirCover which guarantees that users will be covered if the host were to cancel, if they can’t check in to their Airbnb or if the place isn’t up to snuff.

It appears that this is the company’s effort to bring people’s interest in traveling. Unlike the pre-pandemic times, people are yet to get into traveling after the COVID-19 pandemic. Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky made the announcement through a tweet.

TechCrunch got an interview with the CEO, where he talks about the company’s future. When asked about how to describe the ultimate goal, he said, “The goal of this release is to inspire possibilities for people when they travel and live around the world.” Said that the company is going to become more flexible. There are many possibilities of what could do with the search box.

Airbnb’s goals

Chesky said, ” A lot of people have been sequestered at home for two years. Many people haven’t taken that big trip for the first time since the pandemic. We want to encourage people to get out of their house and go venture this big world.”

Furthermore, he said that with split stays the company wants to provide more options to its users. It would be an interesting option for those who will be staying more than a week. It is about making sure the travelers are more comfortable when they are traveling, assured that the place would be there and even if not, the company will ensure other measures are taken.

In addition to this, the company is also working on making the hosting individuals more professionals. Where individuals with 50 or 100 homes have T-shirts with logos, so it is a bit more professional. They are also working on urban hosting as well as other cities which are not in the top 100.  Now, as one opens the website there are also options a user can search based on their interests like vineyards, grand pianos, golfing, historical places, etc.