Airbnb to accommodate 20,000 Afghan refugees for free, says Airbnb CEO

Airbnb will accommodate 20,000 Afghan refugees worldwide as a result of individuals fleeing the nation when the Taliban gained power, according to Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky, who described their displacement and resettlement as one of the world’s worst humanitarian disasters.

Source: Esquire Middle East

The program will begin on August 24, according to Chesky. “Starting today, Airbnb will begin housing 20,000 Afghan refugees globally for free,” Brian Chesky tweeted today.

The CEO stated in a series of tweets, “The displacement and resettlement of Afghan refugees in the US and elsewhere is one of the biggest humanitarian crises of our time. We feel a responsibility to step up.”

According to Chesky, the firm will cover the costs of the migrants’ stay. He did, however, request assistance from the hosts in order to make this happen.

“While we will be paying for these stays, we could not do this without the generosity of our Hosts. If you’re willing to host a refugee family, reach out and I’ll connect you with the right people here to make it happen!” he said in other tweets.

He went on to say that the business worked together with, NGOs, and partner organizations on the ground for this effort to “help the most immediate needs.”

Chesky believed that by doing so, other corporate executives would be motivated to follow suit. He said, “There is no time to waste.”

If Airbnb hosts wish to host a refugee family, Chesky encouraged them to “reach out” to him, promising to link them with the appropriate individuals within the firm.

Airbnb has always helped people in crisis

In times of a big disaster, businesses of all sizes rush to express their support for victims; it’s an opportunity to be philanthropic while also boosting public relations. Owners of Airbnb properties have long been urged to give nights at their properties to “those in need.”

The program began in response to Hurricane Sandy in 2012 when over 1,000 people need emergency housing after the storm devastated New York City. It claims to have aided over 75,000 people since then. In 2017, the firm introduced its Open Homes program, which allows its host community to donate their homes for free to catastrophe victims or individuals escaping war.

Since then, the program has provided free accommodations to victims of the earthquake in Mexico City, Californian wildfires, Australian bushfires, and other catastrophes. It also led to the firm forming its own non-profit,, with the goal of assisting people in sharing accommodation and resources during times of distress.

It provided emergency money and support to the International Rescue Committee, HIAS, and Church World Service last week so that up to 1,000 Afghan refugees might be accommodated temporarily. It placed 165 refugees in secure lodging immediately after landing in the United States over the weekend.

Airbnb, which is worth $92 billion, frequently offers to pay the cost of accommodation in times of need. Since 2012, it claims that 75,000 people have found a place to stay during a crisis.

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