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All The Fuzz About Lucid Reveals On Air Dream Edition
Lucid announces on Twitter about Lucid Air being fully reserved

Lucid’s tweeted yesterday asking interested buyers to join the Luxury car, Lucid air’s waitlist. The dream edition is supposedly going to compete with the Tesla Model X. Fans replies include both support and addressing doubts on Lucid not revealing the exact number of cars to be sold.

The company website mentioned around 500 orders to be fully reserved. It was only last month the CEO, Peter Rawlinson spoke about the challenges on mass production of electric vehicles. In his interview with CNBC, he talked about Lucid being evaluated for its technology. More or less, this is linked to the share drop they had last month, just prior to the interview.

Luxury car for a reason

According to their plan, Lucid is expecting $2.9 Billion in earnings by 2026. Their affordable car series is to be released by 2023. However, the luxury edition, Lucid Air is expected to be released soon.

They claim their success step by pointing out that the manufacturing sector was built on time according to plan. Lucid has experts who worked with Tesla earlier. Though their potential is not a question, their focus is mainly on releasing their first batch of cars.

With competing electric vehicle companies releasing their cars in bulk, the skepticism from fans is understandable. Being the best aerodynamic car production doesn’t come by easy.

Why stop with one edition

Along with their futuristic technology, lucid plans to open another factory. This factory is for the SUV vehicle, mentioned back in September last year.

Though there are gaps in details, Lucid’s plan to provide luxury electric vehicles at different prices is a catch. The one who could not afford the best one could go for another version at a cheaper price. As a consumer, you definitely know the feeling of wanting to own a luxury car on a budget. Lucid makes your dream come true.

Interestingly, the highest range is more than double the least price. The price range for the Lucid Air dream edition, $69,900 to $161,500.

The person behind the creation

The one who worked with major car companies, Mazda, Audi, and Volkswagen, is Derek Jenkins. He is the vice president leading the design team of Lucid’s cars. Their goals to make electric cars aerodynamic and efficient.

Jenkins’s creation, Mazda MX-5 won the award “World car of the year” back in 2016. Besides the design team, Lucid hired expert engineers, who have worked with cars and automotive.

The company’s initial goal was only to supply parts to electric vehicle companies. At some point, they started working on making the cars.

There is a clear goal, capital, and expertise. No denying that to compete with its rivals, Lucid has to buckle up for faster production.