A Retro Styled EV from Alpha Motors – Fresh and Vintage!

The automotive industry is witnessing an EV revolution. It’s not just clean energy, but more innovation and freedom to design. Tesla’s CyberTruck is one such example. With a design structure like never before, many doubted whether Elon Musk’s combination of Truck and sportscar would work. But guess what? Cybertruck is scheduled to arrive in 2021, along with some other exciting EVs. As per Tesla CEO, the EV company has already received over  250,000 preorders for this EV. So, it did work!

Alpha Motors ev retro
Alpha Ace
Vintage Innovation

Cybertruck’s success has paved the way for other EV brands and their designers to develop unconventional designs. One such unique and intriguing concept is from Alpha Motors. The American Automakers came up with Alpha Ace and Alpha Jax. While both the methods are vintage and bring new flavors to the current EV market, we will focus on Alpha Jax.

Alpha Motors ev retro
Alpha Jax

Alpha Jax’s idea is to give it the appeal of not a modern EV but a vintage rally car. The retro EV from Alpha motors was unveiled in early February. This rugged electric car is expected to go into production in 2023, and we hope Alpha Motors can proceed with this classic beauty without any hurdle. I mean, who wouldn’t enjoy watching them run on the roads.

The name Jax isn’t a random choice. It stands for “Junior All-terrain Crossover.” This rugged EV shares the platform and styling with its predecessor, Ace, which is also a coupe. However, the difference in them is, Jax has a couple of rear half doors, whereas Ace comes as a two-door coupe.

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Performance –

No matter how attractive or exciting a car looks, the most critical factor is how it runs. Let’s take a look at the performance aspects of the Jax. It will take just 6.5 seconds to reach 0-60 mph. According to Alpha Motors, this vintage EV will be offered in either dual-motor all-wheel drive or with a single-motor front-wheel drive.

This rugged coupe will offer a range of 250 miles, thanks to its 75-kilowatt-hour battery pack. Jax is also equipped with a combined storage of 62.5 cubic feet in the form of a frunk. No, it’s not trunk! For those who’re unaware of what frunk is, it is a combination of front and trunk. Hence, if a car has storage space at the front, it’s called frunk.

Retro Interior

Alpha JAX is the all-electric rally car of your safari fantasies

Unlike its bold exterior, the interior looks rather sleek and minimal. The design is inspired by Tesla Model 3, which also has the analogous minimal approach. Moreover, you will notice a large central touchscreen, but there is a fabric door pull, and you won’t find that in Tesla.

The retro approach hasn’t worked for the US market after the production failure of Honda E and Fiat 500e. Hence, Alpha motors seem like the only hope for vintage car lovers in the US market.

Alpha Jax CUV Debuts With Electric Power, Room For Four

Although given the fact that the American automaker is still hasn’t produced a single unit, hence there are no guarantees whether we will get to see this rugged EV on the roads.

So what do you think will this retro EV by Alpha Motors work in the market?