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Amazon And Flipkart Set to Acquire Shares in Metropolis Healthcare Ltd
The company is looking to raise more than $300 million and bring onboard a strategic partner

Metropolis Healthcare Ltd is a diagnostic chain that has operations in India and in the continent of Africa. The company is looking to be invested in and are looking to receive a funding of at least $ 300 million USD and even bring in a seasoned investing company to purchase shares in them so they can help in the growth of the company.

The company is in constant communication with many companies around world for a tactical plus one and other companies and angel investors who are looking to purchase shares in the firm. The current valuation of the company according to the Bombay Stock Exchange stands at $ 1.1 billion USD. Currently, the company is potentially looking to give away some preferential shares and even secondary shares.

Metropolis Healthcare is an Indian based multinational healthcare diagnostics company. Its head office is situated in Mumbai. The company was founded 42 years ago back in 1980. The company has grown to be one of the largest companies in their industry in the country and even in 6 others which includes Ghana, Kenya, Zambia, Mauritius, Uganda and, Sri Lanka. The company even has 124 clinical labs and well over 2400 collection offices in there 7 locations. They also process well over 5000 various types of tests.

Metropolis_Healthcare by Business Standard

Indian based e-commerce direct 2 consumer company, Flipkart, which is currently a subsidiary to the American giants, Walmart and Indian based hospital and healthcare chain, Apollo Hospitals have both been pinpointed as potential buyers of shares of the company. They have both put pen to paper and gone official on an NDA while American e-commerce direct 2 consumer giants, Amazon Inc has already started initial talks with spokes people of the company to purchase a sizable share in them.

However, according to some sources close to the parties, Flipkart will mostly not be investing in the company. Many other massive fund management companies have also been closely linked to this deal.

However, Amazon and Apollo  have seen the potential for growth that the healthcare industry has for this decade, especially after the coronavirus pandemic and are looking to jump in to the game in India before any other company does. Recently, Indian based conglomerate, Adani Group also came out to announced that they will be entering the healthcare industry soon once their necessary approvals are met. This deal is a potentially massive one and there might just be a big update soon.



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