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Amazon India Takes A Massive Leap In Sustainable Practices

Amazon India announced on Monday, that it has recently eliminated single-use plastics from packaging across its fulfillment centers.

As part of its goal of creating an environmentally sustainable supply chain, set in September 2019, all 50+ fulfillment centers in the country have taken steps to utilize eco-friendly alternatives to single-use plastics. Beginning in December 2019, the company made the switch from bubble-wrap and air pillows, to “paper cushioning”, while also introducing plastic-free, biodegradable, paper tape to secure packages. 

Prakash Kumar Dutta, Director, Customer Fulfillment & Supply Chain, stated;

 “The elimination of single use plastic in our packaging across our fulfillment centers marks an important milestone in our relentless journey towards building a sustainable supply chain. Our aim is to minimize environmental impact while elevating customer experience.”

Amazon India has preciously announced their Packaging-Free Shipping policy in over 100 cities, with 40% of orders now being shipped packaging-free, or with minimal packaging.



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