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Amazon launches Marketplace Appstore in India for Sellers


12 August 2019, India:

Amazon today launched The Amazon Marketplace Appstore in India for sellers. The Amazon Marketplace Appstore a platform created for sellers to discover trusted third-party applications that can help them automate, grow and manage their business.

The Marketplace Appstore will enable sellers to  search and filter apps across thirteen categories including Accounting and Tax Remittance, Inventory and Order Management.

With the Appstore, Amazon essentially takes the ambiguity out of third-party validation by vetting each solution provider before featuring them, the company said in a statement.

With nearly 100 apps from across the world on the Amazon Marketplace Appstore, Indian sellers will now have easy access to more apps to help them create a better customer experience, the statement added.

Gopal Pillai, Vice President – Seller Services, Amazon India said, “The platform is designed to intuitively connect the right developer with the right seller to ensure that both parties can succeed. We want to become the go-to solution for sellers to access business tools for their various needs and minimise the time, effort, and money otherwise spent on searching and experimenting for appropriate solutions.”

Gopal Pillai, added, “The applications featured on the Amazon Marketplace Appstore have been verified and are completely reliable, and we believe that this will help both sellers and developers scale their businesses.”

(Image – Amazon)



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