Amazon opens first physical fashion retail store

Amazon has opened its first physical clothing retail store in the United States, following the announcement in March of the closure of more than 60 of its retail stores, including Amazon Books.

‘Amazon Style,’ which is now open to the public, provides customers with a personalized and convenient shopping experience while also creating local jobs, according to the company.

Amazon said in a statement late on Wednesday,

“Amazon is thrilled to welcome Los Angeles-area customers to shop at Amazon Style, our first-ever physical clothing store, and to introduce the local community to a few of the employees making it all happen.”

Each piece of clothing has a QR code that customers can scan to create a list of items to try on in a fitting room or pick up for purchase.

Customers can also order clothing from, have it delivered to the store, try it on, and return it if it does not fit.

The apparel store, which is open from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. most days, joins Amazon’s physical locations, which also include Whole Foods as well as its cashier-less Amazon Go and Amazon Fresh grocery stores.

According to the company, ‘Amazon Style’ is intended to assist customers through advanced technology and world-class operations.

“Our team of employees is dedicated to helping customers find looks they love and feel great in,” the company stated. Amazon announced the closure of retail stores in the United States and the United Kingdom.

The retail giant announced the closure of more than 60 bookstores, Amazon Pop-Ups, and “Amazon 4-star” stores.

The e-commerce behemoth has announced that it will instead focus on opening more fashion and grocery stores. To recall, Amazon opened its first physical bookstore in Seattle in 2015 and has since expanded into other countries.

With the $13.7 billion development of Whole Foods in 2017, the company’s retail footprint spread, as did its own Amazon Fresh grocery stores. At Amazon Go convenience stores, Amazon also has been functioning on ‘Just Walk Out’ cashier-less shopping tech.

The company reported that its physical retail business produced $4.68 billion in Q4 2021, up from $4.02 billion the previous year.