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Amazon to begin installation service along with purchase and delivery


Source: The New York Times

For most of us, Amazon.com is a go-to e-commerce website whenever we wish to purchase an item that may be as small as a pack of nails to something as big as furniture products. The service that Amazon offers is remarkable and people love to buy things online. You all must know because you are these people!

Having said that, Amazon is reportedly testing a service where the delivery agents are trained to assemble your furniture purchases and install your home appliances as well. Up till now, Amazon is only responsible for your purchased items and their safe delivery without damage, but now as a bundled service, the e-commerce company is looking forward to extending its services in order to cater to a better customer experience.

As mentioned in a report by Bloomberg, Amazon will soon begin this service in Virginia and two other markets of the world. However, it may not seem like a big deal to most of your because several other platforms such as Home Depot, Best Buy and Wayfair are already offering this bundled service as a part of their customer experience. According to reports, with this upcoming service by Amazon, the company is planning to begin training for its employees where delivery agents will be trained to assemble furniture items and install home appliances such as microwave, refrigerator and fans for instance.

Amazon’s competition in the market is already offering this bundled delivery and installation service and now Amazon wants to make the customer experience its priority, once again.

Having said that, Amazon employees were worried about putting in extra hours and efforts to do justice for the service where they believe that Amazon will put unrealistic expectations on them without providing proper training. This can be considered as a major point of concern after the recent allegations made by employees that they have to pee in bottles in order to stay consistent with their job and there was a huge controversy faced by Amazon about the same.

However, in the last letter to the shareholders by founder and Chief Executive Officer- Jeff Bezos, he believes that the company has to do a better job for its employees.

Amazon is one of the largest e-commerce platforms on the planet and that is for a reason. In order to keep up with the market competition and provide the best service to its customers, it is speculated that Amazon will soon launch this service throughout the world while considering the threats imposed by COVID-19.



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