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AMC Theatres will now accept Cryptocurrency as a payment method

AMC Theatres
The Hollywood Reporter

AMC Theatres is one of the most popular theatre names throughout the globe and it is usually also known as the king of meme stocks. According to recent reports, AMC Theatres will now let you buy movie tickets using cryptocurrency, finally.

Yes, as promised by the meme stock king back in August, AMC Theatres said that customers will be able to pay for movie tickets and concessions with Bitcoin by the end of the year, and this is that time of the year when we can actually purchase movie tickets using cryptocurrency. Truly, the future of financial systems is here.

AMC says that Bitcoin is not the only currency that customers will be able to use, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash are some more cryptocurrencies with which AMC Theatres will sell you movie tickets.

Adam Aron, Chief Executive Officer, AMC Theatres tweeted in the enthusiasm that AMC Theatres will also offer support for Apple Pay, PayPal and Google Pay which already account for about 14 percent of the company’s total online transactions. Not just this, he confirms in his tweet that the next cryptocurrency to gain acceptance at AMC will be Dogecoin.

As very interestingly observed. by Engadget, Aron’s Twitter announcement only talks about online purchases, so it does not sound like customers can actually go and buy popcorn and coke with cryptocurrency at AMC Theatres, this payment method is only accepted to buy movie tickets, that too online only.

Engadget further mentions, and this is something that I have personally tested, checking out from AMC’s website shows that we will have to log in to our PayPal account and select any cryptocurrency from the list that is accessible, to pay for movie tickets and concessions. Thus, it is clear that PayPal is the only stream where we can pay for movie tickets via cryptocurrency, at the moment. We are sure that AMC Theatres will let loose of these ties with PayPal soon and introduce a standalone ‘pay with cryptocurrency’ option to buy movie tickets online.

Also, the list of cryptocurrencies that AMC Theatres accept at the moment is quite small. There are several cryptocurrencies out there that people own and sooner or later, AMC will have to introduce them too.

Anyhow, let us wait for Dogecoin at the moment and as per reports, Adam Aron has confirmed that the company is also looking to explore Shiba Inu cryptocurrency as an option as well. What do you think?