AMD joins hands with IBM to develop and expand its AI services and Security offerings

IBM and AMD signs development agreement.
Source: Neowin

AMD and IBM are both well-established successful technology companies who have previously developed some flagship products with their daily increasing advancements in Artificial Intelligence and Security software.

Well, recently both these technology giants have joined hands and signed a multi-year joint development agreement to develop new products and conjointly enhance their Artificial Intelligence and Security offerings.

The development agreement aims to build a vision for both the companies to develop open-source software and open system architecture to introduce them to open standards and enhance their reputed niche of ‘confidential computing’ in hybrid cloud as IBM is well-known to do.

Many of you have no idea on what Confidential Computing is, to explain in simple terms, protection of data while it is being processed is called confidential computing.

This agreement between IBM and AMD will also accelerate their efforts to enhance High-Performance Computing (HPC), data encryption and virtualisation for enterprise-specific needs.

According to experts, Confidential Computing removes that 1% of risk to hybrid cloud adoption for businesses concerned about third-party intervention in organisation’s confidential data that is in use in the public cloud domain.

Dario Gil, Research Director at IBM mentioned in a statement saying that AMD’s commitment to IBM in technological innovation aligns with the company’s goal in accelerating adoption to hybrid cloud computing to help connect, secure and power the digital ecosystem that both the companies have built over the years.

Furthermore, IBM offers a variety to its customers when they use the company’s Hybrid Cloud Computing. Agility, security and choice are aimed to be provided to the users with advanced research and development in new technologies, added Gil.

Hybrid Cloud Computing
Source: Verdict

On the other hand, Mark Papermaster, Executive Vice President and CTO, AMD says that this development agreement alights perfectly with the company’s long-lasted vision already to join hands with industry leaders. AMD is excited to work in collaboration with IBM to accelerate and advance their data centre workloads and enhance security offerings in the Hybrid Cloud Computing niche.

Advancements in confidential computing help prevent hackers and attackers from accessing highly sensitive data of organisations and enterprises. This agreement will enhance this technology even more and encourage enterprises to take up hybrid cloud computing as a safe method in storing and accessing their confidential information. Industries like Finance, Insurance and Healthcare have highly sensitive user database and confidential computing in hybrid cloud computing services offered by IBM and AMD is the future, according to analysts.