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An A.I. Bot Is Judging How Bad Your Spotify Is

An AI bot is Judging how bad your Spotify is. 2020 couldn’t be more 2020ier. Now, this might hurt a little, but at least we can laugh at ourselves.

Spotify is up with an AI Bot which couldn’t care less about your feelings. Mike Lacher and Matt Daniels have recently trained this AI Bot to judge your Spotify playlist ruthlessly. But worry not, they claim that the Bot is really sophisticated.

The too amusing cyberbullying meeting comes total with a group of merciless punches revolved around your intuition regarding jams, trailed by a snide investigation into whether you’ve been tuning in to specific tracks incidentally. After loudly manhandling you to bits, the bot closes its beating by giving your shabby Spotify blend an embarrassingly low rate rating.

Regardless of the usage of the AI, Twitter users can’t get enough of the franticness anytime soon. Here’s how An AI bot is Judging how bad your Spotify is


As if the roasting wasn’t enough, there are memes too-




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