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Autonomous delivery is now available in California; Nuro can charge for it now.

A very new approach to ease any delivery related issues. Nuro can now operate as well as a charge for autonomous delivery services in public roads of California. The service started as soon as they received permission from the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles.

Origin of Nuro

Nuro has a particular goal by Dave Ferguson and Jiajun Zhu and seems very ambitious. The self-driving vehicle business is heating up, with giants like Uber and Tesla racing to develop the technology. And now Nuro is announcing that it is getting into the action as well. Besides, Nuro is an autonomous vehicle technology company.

Nuro’s goal is to use the same robotic software and hardware system in different ways that can benefit any company, Estrada said. The company now aims to get the spotlight and increase its business overseas.

Future of the company

Autonomous deliveries

Image Source: The Verge

Nuro was founded in 2016, and over the past year, has expanded rapidly, raising $1 billion in three rounds from top-rank investors. Also, the company was showing off a small fleet of its fully autonomous vehicles at the launch. Moreover, the company gained $500 million, which made them secure some federal regulatory victory.

Nuro obtained its first permit in 2017, and it required a human driver. The company developed the vehicle to safely and efficiently accomplish the last mile of delivery. R2 includes complete autonomy, a suite of sensors including lidar, radar, and cameras, giving the driver a full 360-degree view of its surroundings, an electric motor with about 68 horsepower, and room for 220 pounds of packages or groceries. And R2 is the first autonomous vehicle.

What is Nuro offering?


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Nuro has expanded its fleet of self-driving delivery vehicles from 5 to 25 and is currently offering the service in Scottsdale, and Ariz. Nuro is a startup, but it’s not a typical new company. It has backing from several big names in Silicon Valley, including two of Google’s Waymo autonomous-vehicle unit co-founders.

In November, the CPUC approved two new programs to allow permitted companies to charge for shared rides in autonomous vehicles. One of the agenda addresses the use of cars with no driver. Although it was a cheered but concept, some still think that this approval may delay robotaxi operations.

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